Sunday, May 7, 2017

Book Review: Rose Garden International by Sundari Venkatraman

Good day People !
It certainly is a good day or 2 days since I started reading Sundari Venkatraman's latest novel Rose Garden International from The Bansal Legacy.

I am feeling absolutely refreshed and happy after reading such a good novel, perfect writing, good research, superb plot with lot of elements to it and strong characters.
Dont be suprised if you find more than just a love story in this one ;) :D

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Jamie Scott, an Australian interior designer is feeling restless these days. He has some free time and decides to visit Ooty a hill station in South of India where his grandparents had stayed for a couple of years before India's Independence. Jamie used to love hearing the stories from his grandmother about the hill station, the house his grandfather had built and called it The Rose Garden, the horses,... and as a gift his grandmother had left him her diaries with entries from those years in Ooty. So Jamie feels like this is a 'Call of the Soul' and books himself into a hotel coincidentally called Rose Garden International.
Rhea Bansal, is a strong woman and hotelier to the 5 star hotel Rose Garden International in Ooty which has gained a good reputation and popularity in just 4years of opening it. Rhea is at the helm of running it hands on. Everything runs smoothly under her control. There is no challenge left for her to take up. She has had a few sour relationships which make her averse to letting anyone into her life or taking control of her or her life.
The Australian guest seems familiar to her but she cant place him. The instant pull she feels from him is unmistakable. Jamie too feels the sizzle with the slightest of touch with this beautiful strong woman he wants to know more about.
Will Rhea let him into her guarded life and let him know more of her as well herself ? Will Jamie find his grandparents house and feel at home in Ooty?
Are Rhea and Jamie up for a challenge of sizzling in an undeniable chemistry around them?
Dont be surprised if you find more than just a love story in this one ;) :D

What I Liked:
Ohhh I want to go to Ooty, like right now !
Sundari has beautifully weaved the sights, the pleasant chill of Ooty, history of the British era, the nostalgia factor with the diary entries, strong characters, mystery, action, deep study of running a hotel, etc in 1novel. Hats off to you Sundari !

I loved all the characters in this book. Rhea is a strong, self-made, self-respecting, ambitious woman. I loved the various skills she possesses from hotel management to horse riding to swimming and not to forget black belt in Taekwando. Sundari, has built her very well never showing her as a beautiful woman with a family business of running Hotels or too snooty about all that she has achieved.
Jamie is a hunk I tell you. Apart from that, like Rhea he is multi talented, gentleman to the core, one who will pursue his interest but not force it on you, down to earth, funny, perfect lover, etc. There is a surprise about him at the end. Made my jaw drop when I read about it. Now Now dont race your imaginary horses... Buy the book & read it ;)
The brothers of Rhea are super & cute. Loved her staff. Loved the fleshed out characters of the corrupt cop & politician, the good cop,.... The FIL of the politician needs to be awarded for his decision at the end. Patting Sundari for it! Only you can think of such punishment, Sundari ;)

The diary entries and present scenario are beautifully interlaced. It brought goosebumps for me when Jamie finds the house his grandparents built.
The soft light shimmered in the sunlight, like a protective bubble enclosing Rose Garden International. The sentence in Barbara’s diary came to Jamie’s mind: “I see a glow surrounding our home whenever I look at it in the morning sunlight.”
The hotel, its structure, layout, functioning, etc is so detailed you can visualise it perfectly. But I cant believe when Sundari says its all imaginary :( I was ready to book a cottage as soon as I get a chance.

The twist in the middle of what I thought would be a sizzling love story caught me off-guard. Loved the suspense and the just climax.

Its a full fledged novel with lot of facets to it and not a novella. Full on entertainer which cant be put down. :)

What I wanted more:
Can you think of anything after reading the above? No? Right then.
I am rushing over to get the 1st book in The Bansal Legacy: Simha International before Sundari publishes the 3rd book. Have to run !!!

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Hope you are tempted enough to go buy these books. You will thank me for making your weekend eventful ;)
Bye. Take care.


  1. Whoa!
    Thank you so much for that amazing review, Nilima Mohite. I am so so thrilled that you found my book so refreshing. :D :D :D
    I am sitting here grinning at my computer

    1. Pleasure is all mine ;) Sundari. It is always refreshing to read your writings. All the best ! Waiting to read your next book.