Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants by Anand Suspi

Good day People!

I was smiling most of the time I was reading this book. I read it at leisure coz of the nostalgia and memories it brought forth. I have been recommending this book to everyone I meet and talk about Books. Do buy your copy asap.

I am sure everyone will remember or relate to more than one thing from this book. May it be old childhood friends, the games you played, the tricks, the obsessions, the secret plans, school and teachers, vacations, favorite sweets, .... there is something for everyone that will make them go, 'Ah, I did that too :D '

Check out the book details at: Spotlight: Half Pants Full Pants by Anand Suspi

The Publisher of the book is no other than PaperBoat whose aim is to bring memories alive. Anand Suspi and his book does this job perfectly. So we inquired how he managed to get it Published. His response: Guest Post: How did you approach PaperBoat for Publishing the book? to Anand Suspi

Non-fiction genre I rarely pick up these days. This book is a 220 pages collection of stories from Anand Suspi's childhood to adulthood in the small town of Shimoga. Anand recounts incidents from being a child of 3 years to his first job days. It takes you down memory lane into the days of innocence, carefree play times, everlasting friendships, parents were role models, middle class living.

What I Liked:
Its a lovely book. Clear, perfect English language. Flow smooth. Its divided into 2 parts: Half Pants and Full Pants :)
Each chapter gives us a glimpse of Anand's life in Shimoga as the son of a Railway train guard. The descriptions are vivid. I can visualize his home, backyard, his friends, the Shimoga station, trains, etc.

Many of the incidents are hilarious and makes us wonder what cartoons we were and antics we as kids did. Some incidents make us stop and think. They sort of give the answer to how the incident shaped us as an adult, the principles we made, the habits we ingrained, the concepts or notions we kept in our minds.

I loved the way Anand has written clearly each detail. It doesnt sound pompous or mirch-masala types but is packed with humour all the time. Kudos to your memory for remembering so many incidents.

I have been narrating some of the incidents to my family members while reading the book and got many more shared from each of them.

I am sure RK Narayan must be smiling in heaven reading this book :)

What I wanted more:
I cringed and was shouting No, when the friends stole books from the library. Guess, that was more horrific than swallowing blade pieces to me :p. Anand, you have to do some sort of re compensation to those libraries. Please :)

This book is going to be in my personal library.
Do buy your own copy:

Enjoy the book :)
Bye. Take care.

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