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Book Review: Just me, the Sink & the Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

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Sudesna Ghosh's book on body image gives a glimpse into the world of people who are bullied, abused just for the way they look.
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This book is like a Memoir by Sudesna Ghosh and reads like a diary.
Pamela is born to an Indian mother and American father. Both the parents are foodies but thin in the real world. Pamela is not. To add more salt to the burn, her sister is beautiful and again thin, who makes it a point to highlight that Pamela is fat, a misfit, will never have a boyfriend, is weird coz she talks to her set of soft toys, etc. Pamela has been the butt of jokes, always left out, advised about eating habits and diets, shown pity or hate, etc since kindergarten. So its not surprising she doesnt have friends, loving family members she can rely on, motivators or role models.
The only encouraging, caring person around her is her Father but again who doesnt think its a big issue. Then there are her soft toys whom she considers her family, celebrates their birthdays, calls them her babies and is very protective of them, who according to her talk to her and like family members encourage, snub, humour her, scold, talk sense and she cant let a day go without talking to them.
She imagines having a normal life, having a thin body, a boyfriend, get married, have sex, do exciting things in life. But everything collects around the thought that she is Fat and the society is partial to Thin girls.

What I liked:
Simple, clear language which gives you a clear view into the life of a girl termed as 'Fat' by the society. It shows how small things, words, acts, feelings, perspective makes deep impressions on a young mind to the extent of destabilizing it.
But the writing is always in a lighter, funny tone. So its not depressing nor sounds as if its venting out but instead enlightening.
The workings of human mind. Shows how continuous visualizing of things make them happen in real life and how they become engraved to become your mental makeup or the glasses through which you see the world. Pamela's continuous thinking that the Thin girls get everything good in life, makes her unable to see the other good things in her life.

What I wanted more:
Guess we are conditioned with Happily-ever-afters so I would have liked to know that Pamela was fully recovered or treated. Thankfully she gets help in the end and hope she comes out as a Beautiful girl with a lovely Soul.

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