Sunday, July 16, 2017

Book Review: The Money Lender by Manju Nambiar

Good day Book Lovers,
If you love short stories you are in for a treat with Manju Nambiar's debut short story novel: The Money Lender.
I now-a-days love short stories. So when I started reading this book of 5short stories I was surprised and hooked.

The story is told in the first person by the Money Lender of Gulf Town in Kerala. Uncle Scrooge as he is addressed by the residents of the town is a shrewd guy who has wisely got into this profession but is no Villian as they show in movies. He has schemes and plans to take people's money but he never loots them. He infact is a good judge of people and loves to help whenever he can. Each story revolves around how different characters in the town behave and what the Money Lender summarises of these characters and their lives.
You have to read these stories to love The Money Lender and be transported to the calm, serene town called Gulf Town.

What I liked:
For a debut novel Manju Nambiar has done a commendable job of writing in clear, simple language and a steady pace to each story.
There is a freshness in the writing. I didnt find any editing errors. So hats off on that Manju.
I loved the way the small details of the town, the places, people and situations is described. You are transported there in a giffy.
The pace is steady in each story. Nothing extra or missing here. Language is good and simple.
The character of Money Lender and his way of assessing people was a novel concept for me. I thought I might be repelled by his shrewd thinking and looting of people. But this was a pleasant surprise for me.

I hope Manju Nambiar writes more of these stories or tries her hand at a full fledged novel. Wish her all the best.

What I wanted more:
More stories. The book is merely 60 pages but still I took time out to read it slowly and savour it.
A full fledged novel hope is in the making soon Manju Nambiar.

Waiting for more writings from you Manju Nambiar. All the best.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Looks interesting. Will read as I too am from Kerala.

    1. Thank you Max for the comment. Yes you should read it. Let us know your review too.