Saturday, July 15, 2017

Guest Post: What advice would you give people dealing with body shaming issues or bullies? to Sudesna Ghosh

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Bullying, Body Shaming, Verbal Abuse now-a-days are #trending topics or discussions.
Why and how to stop them?
We asked Author Sudesna Ghosh of Just Me, The Sink & The Pot:

Q: What advice would you give people dealing with body shaming issues or bullies?

A: People can be mean. Children can be mean to each other and later grow into adults who believe that body shaming is acceptable behaviour. Unfortunately, it is difficult to change old habits so parents and educators need to step in from the beginning. Body shaming and other bullying behaviour can create havoc with a victim’s mind. It can lead to long term negative body image, negative behavioural patterns such as eating disorders, and more. The good news is that Indians are speaking up about the need for better mental health. And while you cannot force somebody to change the way they are acting or thinking, you can train yourself to focus on the positive aspects of your body or your life.
Trained psychotherapists who use the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy process can help you understand, identify and restructure your thought process. In simple language, they can show you how to cope with mean people in a healthy way.
Facing bullies and body shaming can leave you with a lot of negative energy; exercise is a good way to deal with it. Take long walks, join a dance class, engage in physical activity that lets you get out all the frustration on a regular basis.
From my experience, replying to bullies with harsh words or attempting an angry reply never helps your situation. Instead, you end up feeling like you’ve lost a fight. Sometimes it is important to know that a reaction is not needed. You can write down your angry, sad thoughts about the incident and then drown the papers in water and try to let go like that. It gets easier with practice.
And finally, remember that your body belongs to YOU. Nobody has the right to tell you how it should look. If you aim for health and happiness without harming anybody around you, you’re on the right path I think.

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