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Spotlight: 150 Brilliant Ideas to keep Young Minds Fit & Fine by Neeraa Maini Srivastav

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I am glad these days we are talking about a lot of issues openly. May it be body shaming or mental health or abuse. All issues need to be discussed, increase awareness about it and maybe find a permanent solution to it.

Here is Author Neeraa's 4th book about 'wellness' for the young minds:


In a world with increasing stress, lifestyle imbalance, new age challenges and health hazards, 'wellness' is the new God everyone's seeking. While adults have infinite choices and options to course-correct paths, the young adults, though have increasing incidences of mental and physical health challenges, have little or almost no aids to holistic health and wellness. With increasing juvenile obesity and depression hitting the teens, there is a dire need to address the same. 

The book is based on addressing just that in a contemporary, light-hearted fashion. Split into 3 sections: Mind, Body and Spirit, the book offers truths in each category that seed the idea of wellness in a fun and engaging way. What better than a ready reckoner for young adults to get by their highly stressful daily lives in a more meaningful, healthier and stimulating manner. A companion of sorts, the book aims at delivering well-being to the troubled young souls. "The reason why this book is close to my heart is because as a Life Skills Coach, I work extensively with teens as well as tweens. Doing so requires an understanding of their Mind, Body, Spirit. This is the area in which this wonderful book serves an important purpose. It offers an integrated, holistic approach to every aspect of young peoples' Wellness issues. Neera is an author whom I admire greatly. 

This exhaustive book is a much- needed compendium of critical information. I have no doubt it will meet huge success." - Ms Neelam Kumar (Life Skills Coach and Author)

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About the Author:
Neera Maini Srivastav
Storyteller for young adults in India

Carving her niche as the child – adult fiction writer, Neeraa Maini Srivastav is a fiction writer and an advertising professional of Indian origin.
With a vast repertoire of creative projects worldwide in her metier, she drew her inspiration from being around literary greats. Armed with a Masters degree in Literature and a penchant for storytelling, her quest continued with her professional years as a senior creative, both in India and abroad  in reputed agencies like Lintas (now Lowe), Saatchi & Saatchi, Mudra to name a few. The compelling need to cross-breed creativity made her contribute her sensibilities to India's reputed movie production and media houses such as Mukta Arts and The Times of India. 
From building brands to penning mindful features for publications, she straddles both worlds with equal √©lan and has even made a foray into screenwriting for both television and cinema. Neeraa's avid interest in new age spirituality and metaphysics makes her live the adage 'I create, therefore I am'. 
The White Crow marked Neera’s adventurous debut in fictional writing for young adults, making Neera one of the most promising storyteller for young India. The white crow, which has been one of the fictional best sellers for young adults, has the underlying theme of acceptance, inclusion, equality, diversity, tolerance and oneness. Rights to ‘The White Crow’ have been acquired by Podar School for syllabus while she often serves as a Guest speaker at leading public schools and symposia.

As Neera continued her literary Quest she dabbled into creating interesting fictional characters from creating Brand Characters.  The Adventures of the Bubblegum Boy Finally Indian Fiction had stories and super heroes, which were not imported from the west.  One of main USP’s of Neera’s fiction writing is the amalgamation of real world with fantasy and social message. It will make you laugh and enjoy but also will make you ponder on certain important issues which all of us face in our lives.

Neera’s third book is a contemporary fiction, ‘1 Friend Request Sent: From Hanuman’, is a unique piece of modern-day fiction enthused from the worldwide web. A uniquely thrilling and enlightening first time ever encounter between a victim of technology and the supreme power- and all that transpires in between.
Neera’s unparalleled panache and grace in her narrative shines through all her books. Her stories paint a visual landscape with such richness that makes them potent film content. They are great story properties for future animation and TV series.
 Neera has also been actively involved in nurturing young adult imagination. She regularly conducts creative writing workshops for kids and has also been a celebrated guest lecturer at many educational institutes.
Today Neera is gearing up to launch her fourth book that has been eagerly anticipated in the Indian Literary circles and is touted as one of the to-be-watched titles for young adults in 2016.

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Do read the book and let us know its review :)
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