Saturday, August 26, 2017

Book Review: The Casanova's Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

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Sundari Venkatraman's novella: The Casanova's Wife from the Marriages Made in India series is a super entertaining, lovely, hot book. Sundari has the knack for pulling you into a warm cocoon when reading her stories, you feel happy when reading the stories not just coz they always are happily-ever-afters but for the feelings they evoke.
Read a Romance novel after a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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The Story:
Bharat Maheshwari, the twin from the Maheshwari clan is a Super (Hot) model in demand for modeling and by the ladies. No wonder he is called a Casanova, a title he is proud of too. Dia Mathur, is a management trainee who meets Bharat at an after-event party and sparks are flying immediately. They have a one night stand but both realise what they share is something more powerful. Dia cant comprehend what Bharat sees in an ordinary girl like her and cant deny that she is in love with him. But next day Dia disappears and Bharat is left hunting for her with no luck.
2 years later Bharat has busied himself into his assignments and become more popular but still cant forget Dia. Dia too on the other hand has been trying to forget Bharat by drowning herself into work but to no avail. They end up meeting at Bharat's house in Jaipur.
Do they confront each other with their feelings. Will Dia give them a second chance? How will she trust a Casanova to be Her Man? Is Bharat confusing Lust for Love?
Oh you will love to unravel this mystery ;)

What I liked:
Like the other books in this series, this is a Hot Novella. So there are super (explicit even )sensous scenes. Sundari has created a balanced mix of hotness and story. You dont feel you are reading the book for the scenes ;), the story is equally exciting.

The language is good. The flow is smooth. Story plot nicely laid out.

The Characters, are Sundari's forte. I liked the entire roundup of the latest happenings of each member of the Maheshwari family. Loved Shatru in this one, perfect Twin brother.

The Woman protogonist are strong women by Sundari. In this one too Dia is not a scatter brained female but a strong level headed ambitious woman who calls the shots in her own life. Loved her cooking skills. Hope to bake soon, reading all this.

The scenes may it be of the shooting setups, bedroom ones, cooking ones, hospital/hotel/home are preety descriptive and I liked each one of them.

What I wanted more:
I am desperate to read another one of Sundari's books. Difficult to choose the next pick. You will know soon ;)

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  1. Love your review Nilima. So thrilled to see that you enjoyed reading my book. Thanks for mentioning that there's a story running along with the sensuous scenes. A few people haven't been able to see the forest for the trees ;) They are unable to notice beyond the steamy scenes and realise that there's a story in it. I can only say it's their loss. Thank you again :D <3

    1. Thank you Sundari. Exactly, their loss. I loved it for that particular reason. The protogonist were not just h@+$y couple but each with principles, lives, responsibilities, goals, careers, family they cared for....