Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: Soul Connection by Saurabh Turakhia

Good day readers,
Introducing the debut novel of painter turned Author Saurabh Turakhia: Soul Connection.
Its a lovely book of short stories having plots of everyday experiences but each thought provoking.

This book is an anthology of 30 short stories. Each story is thought provoking with a moral or point to ponder on. Reading the book slowly is a must coz each story is like a breath of fresh air which you inhale with full consciousness.

What I liked:
Plots and language.
The plots are from everyday exisistence. They are as simple as, a writer of short stories loosing the phone he stores the stories on and the receiver turns Author or of an Old Paper Mart turning into library or how art can turn your life around or Cop solving a murder mystery with motive being to stop the online selling of books and art etc. Each will make you sit back & ponder with a smile on your face.

The language is simple and one which will make our English teachers in school happily giving it full marks. Like breath of fresh air.

The stories are light hearted nothing dark but with a moral behind it.
A good book penned by a debut author. The streak of art related stories is prominent as Saurabh Turakhia himself is an accomplished painter.

What I wanted more:
Too many stories. 30 is a large collection atleast for me to read. I would have loved it more if there were around 20 of the best stories.

The cover. I would warn you not to go by the cover of the book. There is a treasure trove of good stories under this unseeming cover of the book. Saurabh, please update the cover.

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  1. I know Saurabh from close quarters. The stories should indeed provide a fresh outlook. Here's wishing him all the best!

    1. Thank you Milind for the comment. The stories do provide a different perspective. Hope he keeps writing :)