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Book Review: Her Bohemian Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

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Book Review: Her Bohemian Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

Last book in the Matches Made in India series by Sundari Venkatraman: The Bohemian Husband.
I am glad that this series is over partly as I can jump to the next 2 series Sundari has been penning and partly because I always want more of the stories instead of Novellas. But cant deny I loved this series too. Who wouldn't with such drool worthy Maheshwari brothers as leads ;)

Avantika Kamath is self made woman and dancer with her own troupe. She is comfortable in her skin and loves herself.

Shatrughan Maheshwari the hot hunk twin is a globe trotter and like all Maheshwari brothers is self-made man with a mission. To some people he may seem like a vagabound and player who is squandering money but he is well-settled with life goals set.

Avi falls for Shatru and chases him even though she knows it can be a one sided love. Her pursuit doesnt go wasted as Shatru is attracted to her too but is following some restrains as he doesnt want commitment at this stage nor break Avi's heart. When both disclose their attraction to each other and get to know each other better, lust turns into love.
Love can turn your head, they say? Do Shatru and Avi go the traditional way of getting married to each other? How do they manage their passions and be together too?

What I Liked:
The concept of 'Do what you Love and the rest will follow' is followed in the story to the T.
I loved the way Sundari has weaved the story around it. She has also proven its not impossible to follow your heart through the story and in her own life. The way Shatru plans his trips, the way he has planned his investments and assets. Avi too how she takes opportunities or makes them.

The characters and their emotions are Sundari's forte and she proves it again effortlessly in this one. I adored Shatru's father and his level headed advice/tactics in the book. Respect for him! Opposite to him is Avi's father. So we get to see some resistance in the story and not only lovery-dovey stuff.

The story moves smoothly. Amazed at Sundari's research of Australia, bar tending skills, farming, dancing, .. etc. I want to visit Australia soon now. Universe, are you listening?

OLA cabs should pay Sundari some royalty for mentioning them in her stories. :p

Thums up to Avi for chasing the man she loves instead of pinning for him. Talk of a head strong woman.

What I wanted more:
Im moving over to her next series: The Bansal Legacy. She already is penning her next series: Written in the Stars. Huff ! lot to catch up on.

Do buy the book people and read the other books too.

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