Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Book Review: The Prince's Special Bride by Devika Fernando

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Do you love Romantic tales set in Royal settings and with a fairy tale feel to it? You should buy the entire series of Royal Romance by Devika Fernando immediately. I am still swooning after reading Book 1: The Prince's Special Bride and dying to read the Book 2: The Prince's Stubborn Bride.
Psst.. Buy the entire series. Bonus Chapter 1 of Book 2 at end of Book 1 is really tantalizing.

Maria Kemei of African origin is a Night Manager at a resort in the beautiful Maldives. She has had a hard life and now is alone without a family to call her own. Not in her wildest dreams she thinks she will fall in love with a real Prince forget meeting one. But 2 days of helping a woman guest at the hotel turns her world upside down. The woman turns out to be Princess Olivia of Taragonia who has ran away from her kingdom to grasp a few days of freedom before getting into a marriage of convenience. Her brother the flawless Prince Christian comes searching for her in Maldives. Though he is reluctant to admit he is slowly drawn by the carefree but grounded woman, the vivacious Maria who has transformed his sister too. Marie too feels the crackling chemistry between them but she shakes herself awake every time her heart goes into overdrive.
He has too much at stake to let his heart and head go awry. He thinks he is holding himself under perfect control for 6months after coming back from Maldives. But when he see Maria again in his Palace as his sister's favorite bridesmaid he has his heart flipping. The attraction is mutual between them and they try to stop each other. But the Media loves scandals and they find the best one which involves the Prince and an outsider woman friend who is exotic too.
How can the Prince and Marie stop the name of the Royal family being tarnished? What about their relationship? Is Marie an exotic thing the Prince wants to play around with? Is it just attraction or the L word is involved?

What I liked:
The feel of the story.
Royal and fairytale like but in the current real world scenario. It is very much based in today's age and I loved how Devika has subtly incorporated that in the story.

The flow and wordings are lyrical :) It made the page turning go nonstop.
The language is so good. I enjoyed reading something classical yet simple after a long time.
The pace is steady. Though I have been reading books with lesser pages this one didnt make me skip pages.

The research of the places, royal family, the protocols, the politics, the ruling of a country. Beautifully weaved how a country can progress, what are the factors its based on, how the royalty can bring about the change, economic & social growth at par with the rest of the world.
So its just not snouty, aristrocratic characters belting out heavy prose or  flattery poems. Its the hard work, planning, dedication, training etc it takes to be a Regent fit to rule the kingdom.

The description of the places is lovely. Makes you want to visit them immediately. But fear not with Devika's word you will transported there in a jiffy :)

The characters are well sketched out. You could feel you are each one of them and understand them perfectly. I liked the gutsy Princess Olivia and her opposite of a brother, the cautious and deep thinker Prince Christian or our heroine Marie. Loved the shrewedness of the Queen, the hauty airs of Princess Olivia's fiancee.

What I wanted more:
I loved reading each page. But I think the book would do better with a few pages cut down. Just my view :)
Adding the bonus chapter 1 of Book 2 was smart. Now I am more interested in Book 2 than 1. Devika !

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  1. Thanks a lot for this detailed review!

    1. Welcome & My Pleasure Devika ! All the best for all your book(s) :)