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Guest Post: Which role is close to your heart? to Rubina Ramesh

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Here is a Guest Post for the one of the Best Seller Romance Author Rubina Ramesh. She is one Tough lady with a funny bone. Read on to know more about her :)

 Rubina Ramesh

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Q: Rubina, The Marketer. Rubina The Book Promoter. Rubina, The Author. Rubina, The Mother. Rubina, The SuperWoman.
Which role is close to your heart? Any more roles do you play which your fans dont know of? Please dont be modest :D

A: Only you, my dear Nilima  can come out with such a question :D From Marketer to Mother, I accept humbly are the roles I do play but superwoman? Those underpants are yet to be designed :P

I hope it’s the mother. My little ones are the motivation behind everything I do. What do I do is of course another question. I wanted to write always Nilima but without the marketing abilities nowadays it’s very difficult for an indie author to survive.

You forgot one role .. that of a wife. Without an understanding partner in your life, whatever we do becomes very difficult. My hubby doesn’t understand at all why I do and what I do what I do. He hates the way I don’t often go to parties or stay awake till the wee hours of the night. But sometimes when I work too late, that cup of coffee or cocoa makes its way to my desk without me getting up at all. He might not like it, but he does understand that space I need to keep myself happy. And writing is one thing that ensures all my anger, my frustration, my sadness and that overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and happiness are all curbed within the boundaries.

I suppose all authors will tell you the same. Writing is our bloodline. If you want your wife, who is a writer to be a happy wife – never enter that space which is her writing zone or hell hath no fury :D Just kidding.

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See! I told you so :D.

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  1. Rubina, I got a sudden image of underpants in red color lol. But clearly you worked a lot hard to reach here. Best wishes for loads of more writing.