Monday, February 12, 2018

Book Review: Destined by Rubina Ramesh

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As promised here is my review of Destined by Rubina Ramesh. Rubina is testing us as readers instead of the reverse. She writes about topics subtly but brings about powerful thought process changes. Her writing evokes emotions and questions we seldom ask others or ourselves. Its a pleasure reading her books. She is on a writing spree is a relief. Her next book is soon to be launched.

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Know more about the Book :Spotlight: Destined by Rubina Ramesh

Esha Mehra is an only child who lost her mother to cancer and stays with her father, her only family member. She has had a hard childhood as she took care of her mother since she was a little girl. Her world is threatening to come crashing down when her dad too is diagnosed with the same cancer her mother had. She has just joined a company and has no funds or assets to pay for her father's treatment. Her fiance instead of helping is revolting her. Her only hope is her company will give her a loan to cover the treatment cost.
When she asks for it, her boss throws a googly by asking to marry him. The proposal is with a clause. It will be a contractual marriage of six months. To say Esha is stuck between a rock and hard place is an understatement. Why does her boss want this marriage? Why with Esha? What will Esha choose? What is this relationship Destined to be?

What I liked:
Emotions which well up inside you. Each chapter will evoke emotions. It starts with Anxious then Apprehension to Anger bubbling to Hope to Love struck to Peace and then HEA. Rubina is a wizard with a wand weaving emotions and words.

Characters though few stand strong playing their roles perfectly.
What a child bears in his life is based on his parents karma, this concept makes the story. It is beautifully portrayed by the difference in the choices made by Esha's dad and Rohan's dad.

The language is so good and simple. It is making me prose eloquent.

The question: Should a daughter look after her parents post marriage, is well put within the story without it being beat to pulp repeatedly. Subtle introduction to topics, this is what I meant Rubina conquers.

I loved Esha's spunk and her blunt statements or questions. Beauty with brains and right amount of attitude. It suits her perfectly. Zaira's role is perfect too. I liked her remarks. Esha & Zaira both stand on the weighing scale by choosing to marry for money. Who wins?

What I wanted more:
Clear communication. I sound like a marriage counseller. I wanted Esha and Rohan to communicate clearly. The blow hot blow cold was taxing me. They seemed too much confused unnecessarily. Or was that the plan always, Rubina?

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