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Guest Post: Wellington Estates Series is your first book series? to Sunanda Chatterjee

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We have introduced Author Sunanda Chatterjee on your blog earlier too. Today we are discussing more about her latest Book Series. Join me in getting to know more about The Wellington Estate Series with Sunanda Chatterjee.
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Q :Congratulations on Wellington Estates Series Sunanda :) Is this your first book series? How many books in this series? Are all of them Stand alone stories? Please share more details. Thank you.

A: Wellington Estates is my first series. I expect there to be five books in the series, each being a stand-alone saga. All the stories are based on characters with connections to an exclusive community in the foothills of San Gabriel mountains in Southern California. They are privileged and wealthy, and of course, they fall in love with people who are deemed unacceptable in their social circles, due to wealth, race or profession. Each family has secrets, vices, and pasts that prevent the members from leading fulfilling lives.

These stories are not straight-out romance, although the romantic element is strong in each novel and it drives the story. But other characters also get the spotlight and parts of the stories are told from the parents’ or friends’ point of view. I like to call this genre as romantic saga, bridging romance and women’s fiction.

Book 1, Sins of the Father deals with Harrison, a cop, who is an ex-Wellington Estates heir. He falls in love with Laura, a budding therapist and the daughter of a thief. Unacceptable all around. This book deals with how long a man must pay for his sins, and is forgiveness possible. Laura’s friendship with Juhi is highlighted in this book as a lead to book 2.

Book 2, Old Money deals with Connor, who shuns his Wellington Estates wealth to become a photographer. He falls in love with fashion designer Juhi who comes from a middle class family with ties to his own and with secrets that prevent them from being together. This story deals with the idea: Families are made from love, not DNA. Connor’s sister Danielle is introduced here.

The Trouble with Love is book 3, the story of Danielle who has grown up without want, and falls in love with a poor bi-racial athlete. But instead of her family rejecting him, it turns out that he rejects her calling her a piece of driftwood, who floats through life without purpose and direction. Danielle travels to India to find purpose. Danielle’s friend Lily is introduced in this book.

Book 4, The Wish to Belong, will highlight Lily’s story with Arjun, the heir to a vineyard estate.

Book 5 (as yet unnamed) will be about Arjun’s sister, who is married to an Indian Air Force Officer but circumstances lead her to Wellington Estates where she finds love again.​

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Whoa ! That is a promising Book Series and beautifully intertwined even though each is a stand alone story.
I am eager to read Book 1: Sins of the Father now :) Come back for review post soon.

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