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Book Review: A Hasty Hookup by Varsha Dixit

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A review after a long time. You wont be disappointed with this one. Its about one of our favorite author Varsha Dixit's latest book A Hasty Hookup. This is Book 1 of The Wallflower series.
Like Doyal said, "I am doing a slow clapping in my head for you Varsha." after reading the reason for naming the series The Wallflower :D

Book Review by Grab The Book: A Hasty Hookup by Varsha Dixit

Gina Bansal is a girl with a horrid memory of her marriage to Ojas Purohit. It leaves her as a bunch of nerves innumerable times collapsing on floors without warning. She has come a long way with the help of therapy & her bracelets to regain some normalcy in her life. Staying alone in Singapore five years which she fled to after everyone disowned her. Now Ritesh a friend she made proposes marriage & she cant commit to it until she gets a divorce from the demon she ran away from. She asks support from The Wallflowers, her girl gang who know her & will stand beside her how much ever angry they are with her. 5 years should have cooled off any feelings, longings, anger etc Gina & Ojas may have for each other, right? The divorce should be quick unless Ojas has other plans for her.
How can Gina get rid of this demon from her life? Will The Wallflowers stand by her?
Buy the book and you wont regret it. Promise :)

What I liked:
Varsha's signature style of evoking the emotions within the reader. Like in the book Meher says Ojas should come with a Statuary warning. Varsha's books should have one too! Read the Warnings in other reviews for Varsha's books or go to bottom of this post ;)
For this book:
  People around the reader of this book, take cover or change houses till the book reading is over.

The reader (atleast me) resonates all(ahem) the emotions of the female protagonist. The portrayal is so real hence the warning.
Love how the thick friendship is shown. You will surely miss your friends when reading Varsha's book(s). All her books will make you hug your friends closer.

The physical chemistry is crackling in this series. If Varsha's earlier books were subtle in their sensuous parts, this one is bold ;) Loved this side of Varsha's writing too. Good going lady, without going repulsive.

I like the way the characters are added, described, the variations in them yet what connects them together, each of their endearing traits etc. Each has a big chunk of the story to themselves.

There is a morale or human psychology angel with the characters or the story itself. This makes it all the more relate able and realistic at the same time.

What makes it more realistic? The smart ass comments, sarcastic remarks, slang or intertwining current affairs. Like these, quoting from the book:
I’m the Sanjay Dutt of my life. I shall keep bouncing back.
Did my crash course in self-awareness put her to sleep? Gina wondered.
Gina, the best thing about a self-created mess is that it does not require a crowd to fix. So freaking fix it.
'Maybe if you hid his meds altogether, we all would be in a happier place. Except for God, of course.’
Although it is mentioned it has a cliff hanger ending like Ojas I wanted to throw something when the story stopped for Part 1. Still every few minutes I was picking up the Kindle to read further & realizing I have to wait for Part 2 :(.

I have read a book in 2days flat after a long time & that too a Varsha Dixit book. Her books have that effect on you.
Patiently waiting for Part 2. Controlling throwing things here, Varsha ;)

What I wanted more:
The condition put forth by Ojas to sign the divorce papers was a little obvious or filmy to me ;)

Nevertheless waiting for Part 2,3.... full series.

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More books and reviews coming up.

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