Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Book Review: It Happens by Karan Sharma

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We had done a Spotlight & Guest Post for Book: It Happens by Karan Sharma.
Sharing my review today.
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Gautam & Rohit are best friends and work in the same bank. They are young 25yr old guys who work hard & party harder. Gautam is a little matured than Rohit who is always upto pranks or partying or a playboy. Gautam is in love with Roshni, a senior member of their bank. The age difference of 12years is the reason clouding their decision about will their relationship stand the test of time.
Rohit and Roshni's friend try to talk sense into them.
Will this relationship go to the next level of living a blissful married life?
Read It Happens to know.

What I Liked:
Clean language. So clean that school English teachers will give full marks :)
Description of places & surroundings. A imaginary tour of Singapore is a given when reading the book.
Loved how the many differences age factor can cause are depicted.
Patting Roshni for her thought process & also to Gautam for confidence in his love.

What I wanted more:
I would have liked to see Gautam as a more matured person to make such a uncommon relationship work. A little cheesy for me :)

Do buy the book and review it please.

Thank you.
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