Friday, June 29, 2018

Guest Post: What are your next plans? to Inderpreet Uppal

Good day People !
A Guest Post for our debut author Inderpreet Uppal whose Book: Generously Yours we reviewed.
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Q: New Author on the Indie block :D How are you feeling with the success the book is gaining? What are your next plans?
A: Hello Nilima,
I am honored to be here. I am quite happy and humbled by the response to my book. It has been an enriching and amazing journey so far. I have been writing stories on my blog and naturally wanted to take the next step to publishing. The thought was daunting no doubt but with the help and guidance of Rubina and Team TBC, it was a breeze since they are always a message away. Every writer feels scared and apprehensive but the high of seeing the book on Amazon makes it all worth it. I am eager to write more, publish more and get my stories to the world. I have been a writer first, as the words have been a part of me forever. I turned to writing and blogging as an outlet for my thoughts and words so seeing my book on the Amazon charts has been a dream come true.

The added benefit was that since I was already deep into books, my steps to publishing were more organised. Kindle Direct Publishing is a boon for authors the world over as well as for me.  Short stories usually are not individually published or appreciated but disappear into an anthology, however, Amazon has changed that and now I have the option of sharing my books and stories as I wish.

When I had written Generously Yours, I was just writing about the ‘now’. Diya in her present and how is she coping. It was never about what would happen or had passed, however as the story evolved and grew, many readers wanted to know more. I too felt the need to give Diya her ‘present’ and am penning the sequel ‘Diya’s Desire’. More details when I have fleshed it out further  I am working on a couple of books, the foremost being We Women Wonder. I have talked about it and it is about us women and the various things, issues, prejudices and assumptions we face both from men and women. It is a book close to my heart as it stems from all that we face being a woman and how we can be better.

Thank you for hosting me Nilima, all the very best to you and your blog.

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  1. Thank you so much 😍 Nilima. It's a pleasure to be here.