Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Book Review: Carthick's Unfairy Tales by T.F.Carthick

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This review has been long pending. I read the book long back but the unique stories in this book are fresh in my mind. Thought provoking and surprising at the same time.

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 Book Review: Carthick's Unfairy Tales by T.F.Carthick

7 retelling of the fairy tales we heard as kids but from a different perspective.

What I liked:
Good, clean, simple language. Steady flow in all stories. Characters evolve beautifully as each story progresses. Psychological bend to each story will make you rethink and ponder over the original story.

The Title of the book is apt. Unfairy fairy tales. There is nothing fairy about it :)
The cover does justice in depicting the stories within.

Each story is thought provoking and will make you sit up. The stories give you a different point of view or angle to look at from.  I am sure you will not look at fairy tales the same way again.
I was confused when reading the first 2-3 pages. The story blew me away as it unfolded. For the next stories I was guessing what will happen next. Kudos Carthick for keeping the reader engaged and on the edge of their seat throughout all the stories.

What I wanted more:
I would love to read more of Carthick's writing. Keep writing Carthick.

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More books coming up :)

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