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Book Review: Blind, Certainly is Love by Reshma Ranjan

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 Book: Blind, Certainly is Love by Reshma Ranjan

As promised here is Review of book: Blind, Certainly is Love by Reshma Ranjan. An emotionally stirring novel which brings out the aching of a love lorn heart with words. I liked the book and though it being Reshma Ranjan's second book, the emotional turmoil it brings in you shows the author's mastery with words.

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Neha Jaiswal a successful career woman who makes men tremble with her glare, has temporarily lost eyesight in a near fatal accident. Her ex fiance just fled the moment he realized she was going to be a burden for him. Sarika is Neha's best friend who along with her newly wedded husband John Conrad is trying to help Neha heal. Sarika brings Neha, the workaholic, to their house for a vacation. Sarika's brother-in-law Sumit Conrad, a recluse going by his repulsion to women and commitments, and Neha lock horns but feel the sizzling chemistry and attraction towards each other. Both are wary of getting tangled emotionally.
Will Neha give her heart a chance to fall for this flirt and headstrong businessman called Alex Sumit Conrad? Does Sumit understand how Neha has tilted his world and he now desires a happily-forever with her?
Do both give each other a chance and ignore their faults? Find out by Buying the Book.

What I Liked:
Emotional turmoil and anguish. The book is filled with that heart wrenching feeling all the time. The words so perfectly make your own heart ache as the story flows.

After a long time, I read a big, fat novel albeit a Kindle version. The story is so big. The characters are few. The description of places is superb but you dont know the exact location. Everything is fictional yet life like.

The language is good. Characters are few and well fleshed out.
The twist in the last chapters was surprising.
The research about a blind person's habits, feelings, ways to cope & how other senses get sharper is well done.

What I wanted :
I was a little disturbed with the way Sumit behaved, talked in the name of wooing or love making. It borders on the lines of abuse. You cant treat a person this way to show you love them.

The story could have been shorter. The second part seemed stretched.

There were a few errors here & there. The next edition should get them ironed out.

Overall a good book to read.

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