Thursday, August 2, 2018

Book Review: Love & Curses, Book 1 by Sunita Saldhana

Good day Book Lovers,
Introducing a new book of Fantasy Romance and its review to you. Sunita Saldhana's 2nd book : Love & Curses is part of a Book Series: Eternal Love.
I am super glad I read Book 1 and waiting for the next book. Read the full review to know why :)

 Kindle unlimited logo Read this title for free. Learn more Read Now You own this item. It's available on your Kindle apps and devices.  Add to Wish List Share  Facebook Twitter Pinterest <Embed>  Kindle App Ad  Look inside this book. Love and Curses: He could not forget what she could not remember. (Eternal Love Book 1) by [Saldhana, Sunita] Love and Curses: He could not forget what she could not remember. (Eternal Love Book 1)

Amber has lost her mother to cancer. Her God mother who is also her aunt and uncle are concerned for her. Amber wants to try new avenues in life. She shifts to Mumbai to work with her best friend who has started a business in organizing weddings. The business is a huge success and Amber has her goals set for life. She cant waste her time on frivolous things.
Now enters Shardul who creates a sense of dejavu every time he is around Amber. She cant understand why she feels she has known him since a long time. Shardul makes no effort to cover up his inclination towards Amber. It is tough for Shardul to keep his distance and not spook Amber.
He  has waited for a long time and cant risk missing this chance of reuniting with his soulmate.
But will Amber remember? It truly is a curse. He could not forget what she could not remember.

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What I liked:
Oh this book brought out goosebumps all the time. Small book but keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times.
The air of suspense kills you. Deja vu or soul calling is so prevalent in each page makes you want to meet yours.

I have read Sunita's book of poems: Who Shall I be Today? and many blog posts. The language is impeccable, simple and smooth everywhere without being teacherly.

Sunita Saldhana has a knack for using plain, simple language to convey deep issues effortlessly. The emotions are portrayed in an infectious way. You will be bewildered, confused, sure of self, full of anguish, anger, love lorn, etc as the story progresses.

I loved the names of the characters first then how they grow with the story. Few characters but each has a good chunk in the story.

Liked how magic, karma, practical viewpoint, fantasy are mixed in equal proportions. The forward and back story flows without breaking the story thread.

The description of places along with people is perfect. My Thane, the Upwan lake, Yeour hills are exactly described. It was a dejavu for me in that sense :D

Sunita Saldhana has made the book as a stand alone as well as a Cliff hanger read. I am eager to read the next part.

What I wanted more:
The Book 2 of the Series please. Fast.

Buy the Book:

Please buy the book, read and review it. Thanks in advance.

Bye. Take care.

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  1. Your review is bang on Nilima. I am Keen to read the next one too 😀