Thursday, August 30, 2018

Book Review: The Proposal by MV Kasi

Greetings People !
I am pleasantly surprised after reading The Proposal by MV Kasi. If you have read any of her other books, you will be too :D.
Let me tell you why in a review ;)

Nandani Mahasena is a princess in real life albeit living in the 21st centuary. She is coaxed, cajoled and emotionally blackmailed into marrying a suitor in two weeks who will pay off the debts Nandini's father has amassed by gambling. Nandini, is a head strong woman who has built her own life and a company which she works hard for. She lives life on her terms and marrying a stranger is unthinkable for her. The groom is handsome and a successful businessman hailing from a jewellers family. The way he proposes touches Nandini's heart. In usual circumstances, her parents wouldnt have let the groom enter their crumbling palace unless he was from a royal lineage. But now the conditions are different.
Will Nandini accept the proposal? What will the groom gain by paying off Nandini's father's debts? Is there some other angel to the story?
Find out by buying and reading the story.

What I liked:
 It is a clean romance and a short story. These two points in themselves are surprising considering MV Kasi's writing :)
I love MV Kasi's novels. They are big books with a fast paced story mixed with erotic episodes. So this short story was a complete pleasant surprise.

I loved it. It is a complete story within its short span. The excitement, suspense is throughout the story.

The characters are few but each powerfully portrayed. The language is good. Story flow is smooth and compact.
The royal atmosphere is prominent in the story. Even in this short story MV Kasi has brought out strong woman protagonist with thought provoking values. She has a knack for getting out societal norms which are laughable in this age but we still follow them blindly.

Loved how she has made it a cliff hanger. Waiting for the full fledged novel of this one, MV Kasi :)

What I wanted more:
The closure for the hook at the end of the story. I want to read the next part of the story soon.

Books by MV Kasi:

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