Monday, August 6, 2018

Spotlight: Piece It Together by Dr.Tahmina Khaleel

Good day Book lovers,
Introducing a new author and her debut book: Piece It Together by Dr.Tahmina Khaleel 
I am curious to read a new author and her work. Join me :)

 Piece it Together by Dr.Tahmina Khaleel

She’s a fan, he’s an obsession. What happens when the tables turn?
ROXANNE / RUKHSANA ZAFAR, a suave, successful business tycoon in Dubai, is in “love” with HASHIM ARBAAZ ALI, a  Bollywood celebrity, since her teenage years. Love soon turns to bitterness as her fantasy turns into a nightmare. Her fandom leads to a life-changing event which becomes one of the skeletons in her closet.

SARFARAZ AHMAR, Roxanne’s business partner and childhood best friend crosses a level of madness in love which scares her enough to stay away from him. The more she goes away, the more he makes sure she’s near him.

HASHIM ARBAAZ ALI, one of the hottest stars of his industry, is intrigued by Roxanne from just her picture. Interested enough to hunt her down. What he doesn’t expect in the process is a proper war when he learns that she’s Sarfaraz’s fantasy too. But he’s ready for it. The woman whose essence has been haunting his own dreams, that particular someone whom he has been searching for an eternity, he knows it’s Roxanne. And now that he knows she exists, he isn’t about to let her go.
Two men who have secrets of their own, which the fangirl is unaware of. Some, that could be dangerous. Or is hers even deadlier? So much that, will she be chosen by the one she chooses?

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 Author Dr.Tahmina Khaleel

About Author:
Dr. Tahmina Khaleel is a hopeless romantic and has always existed in the magical land of romance. After a rigorous and intense period of labor during her university days to become a professional dentist (which she did), she took to carving out a niche for herself as an author, a freelance fashion designer (after a diploma in the field) and a lyricist for Bollywood recently. 
“There’s something about dreams in your sleep, the world in there is unimaginable, making sense without making any sense. I try to imbibe the auras and translate it into my stories that resonate with everyone and is relatable. I would consider myself a free spirit, in search of discovering everything that’s mystique.”
She’s a Bookaholic, so much that she always imagines building a personal library in her home first before furnishing any other room. 
“If I can transport readers into the world that I created and make them feel the same emotions that I did, I would consider myself successful in what I set out to achieve. To enchant you with my storytelling.”
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All the best Dr.Tahmina Khaleel with all your book(s) and ventures :)

Do Buy, Read and Review the book. Let us know how you liked it. Thanks in advance.
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