Thursday, September 27, 2018

Book Review: The Time Is Now by D.R. Downer

Greetings People,
Introducing a new author D.R.Downer with his book The Time is Now. D.R.Downer is not debut author but a seasoned one and has till now 6 books to his name or more. I loved this book and will surely recommend you read his works for some fresh writing.

Retired army officer Abhilash Banerjee is running a bookstore in the sleepy town of Kasauli. He is an avid reader. A customer shakes up his view about youngsters these days and their knowledge. Who is this young female customer? Why does he feel he knows her?

What I liked:
As the author repeatedly has mentioned this book was an experiment. He has written it in a screenplay format and not like a typical novel. I liked this experiment. Please do not feel apologetic Author D.R.Downer. It is a fresh way of reading a story.

When the dialogues came up, I could visualize myself sitting for play with the actors enacting the scenes on stage and the emotions palpable even from a distance. I had goosebumps when Victor the store manager points out the obvious to Abhilash.

The language is smooth and good. The story though short flows smoothly.

The characters are just 4 and play their part well. The army and gentleman demeanor was endearing. Its hard to find it these days and I am sure ladies love it. Nainika comes across as a well balanced, opinionated, knowledgeable young lady. Loved her spunk and her wise cracks at Victor.

The bookstore atmosphere and talk of literature makes me want to go to a library to sit and read. I did just that few days ago :)

What I wanted more:
Bigger story. It will make a full fledged, well fleshed out novel. I would want to read it even though I know the story.

Keep going D.R.Downer. You are a new author on the block here to stay. Keep writing !

Please do buy his book(s) and leave a review. Thank you in advance:)

Bye. Take care

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