Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Book Review: Groomnapped by Sundari Venkatraman

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As promised, review of Groomnapped by Sundari Venkatraman. I have read the shorter version of this story in Matches made in heaven. So was excited to read a full fledged novel on the same plot. Loved it.

Groomnapped by Sundari Venkatraman

Surekha, the eldest daughter of a carpenter teaches in a Public School. She doesnt have plan on getting married. The dowry culture is so rooted that she or her parents cant will not be able to get even one daughter married. So she has made peace with it and loves her life nevertheless. That doesn't mean she doesn't have men drooling after her.
Ameya, the only son of a millionaire is a farmer by education and career choice. He is a forward thinking young man. He is doing good by society terms. The apple of his parents eye. He has them wound around his little finger.
Surekha and Ameya meet at his friends wedding where she is the choreographer. She dances right into Ameya's heart. She knows a relationship with Ameya will be a dream come true but will never materialize.
Ameya's belief that his parents will agree to his idea of marrying Surekha are crashed by his parents.

Should they forget each other? Is there an alternate way so that love can win over such societal norms?  Buy the book to find out yourself :)

What I liked:
The Bihari tone and essence has been set perfectly in the characters and story background.
It is evident powerfully throughout the book. The stubbornness, the dowry tradition which they feel is the birth right of the grooms family, disregard for education,  discrimination in treating sons and daughters, the race and caste divide, stalking and leering at women or girls is ok, etc all gives you the feel of watching a Bihar oriented Bollywood movie.

I liked the characters portrayal. All have them have perfect bases to show why they are that way with enough background covered. Each carried their parts perfectly.

The story language and flow is smooth. The love scenes are few but descriptive and bold considering a small town girl and boy love story ;)

The twist at the end was good. I also loved how Misharaji was handled and his kite was set afloat. Sorry dont Know the English proverb for patang katt gayi :D

The ending promises a Book 2 in this series. Eagerly waiting to read it.

What I wanted more:
I would have loved if the bride's parents reputation was kept intact till the end. I have a suggestion Sundari of how that could have been possible. But then again it would be another story. ;)

Buy the Book:

Let us know your review of this book when you read it. Do leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads too. Thank you in advance :)

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  1. Thank you Nilima. I am thrilled to note that you noticed the Bihar flavour in the story. Believe me, I worked hard to get the background right, helped along by apna Rubina Ramesh from Bihar ;)
    Small town girls and boys are way more forward than city folks, probably because they live closer to farm animals and I mean that well, not as an offense.
    As for Surekha's parents ijjat, need to leave some of it for the next 2 stories, right? Have a plan. But would still love to know what you idea is.

    1. Aah now I am looking forward to Book 2. Let you know my idea too ;)