Saturday, October 20, 2018

Book Review: Horse Town by Moshank Relia

Good day Book lovers,
Introducing Horse Town written and illustrated by Moshank Relia.

 Book: Horse Town by Moshank Relia

Horse Town is a book for kids age 10+. Loved this simple mystery story book for kids. My son is a little small but I would recommend it to parents as a good read.

Arjun lives in a small house all by himself after his mother died. He goes to school and in evenings works at the hotel. He earns and educates himself. He meets homeless Maruti on the street and takes him into his house. Arjun wants to give Maruti an education and turn him into a good human being. Maruti has a special way with colors and paints lovely pictures but he detests studies. Their neighbour is Mr.Grimm who the town people say is an magician and makes children disappear. He never comes out of his big house and stays alone. He gets his meat and newspaper free.
Arjun and Maruti are wary of him. Children disappear from the town. Suddenly money from Arjun’s house starts disappearing. Who can be stealing money from a poor boy? Who is Mr.Grimm? Why is the town named Horse Town?

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What I liked:
One of the first book I have read written by Moshank. This is not just a kid story book. The illustrations are not the type you will find in regular kid story books.

When I read the first few pages, I contacted Moshank to ask the age group this book is suitable for. The first few pages gave me deep connect about Arjun a child himself and his humanity by taking a homeless Maruti under his wings. It introduced topics of being parentless, homeless, a child struggling in life all alone, working to get an education and have 2 meals.

The story is simple and yet enthralling. I loved how it goes from phases of happy life, then mystery, then suspicion, then unravelling of the mystery, unexpected twist and happy ending.

The language is good and children can understand it easily. It has several moral messages but its never preachy. Im sure the pre teenagers would connect with this book.

What I wanted more:
I loved the dedication of the book to Yamini. God bless her and Moshank. I would like to know more about Yamini.

Looking forward to more books from you, Moshank Relia. Keep writing !

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