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Book Review: The Bodyguard by Ruchi Singh

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One of the latest book by Ruchi Singh: The Bodyguard. I loved the cover. The On-alert lithe Woman Bodyguard and a brash, I-dont-care attitude multimillionaire. The blurb will make you start solving the mystery from various angels.

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 Book: The Bodyguard by Ruchi Singh

Vikram Seth Jr. is the target of a mysterious attacks on his life. He is the sole heir of the Seth Group of Industries. Smart, handsome, eligible bachelor currently, a tenacious flirt if he wants, workaholic, no respect for following rules, his loyalty and fierce love for his family and dear ones makes it difficult for the team handling his security to track the killer easily.

Esha is an on the look out for a job after being in the army. An excellent only woman cadet in her field. She now has to be Vikram's bodyguard but in the guise of being his PA.

For Vikram, Esha is like a pure, forever giving kind of angel he never had in his life.
To Esha, Vikram is a distant dream which will never come true.
She cant mix emotions with her duty. It is a distraction she doesnt want but Vikram doesnt make it easy for her. He cant deny the attraction nor does he want to let go of a life with Esha.

The attraction between them sizzles and so do the attacks, start coming closer. The killer is thorough and resourceful.

How long will Vikram's luck run?
How to nab the assassin and keep the love of her life alive? What is the motive?
Buy your copy and fin out. :)

What I liked:
Pulsating, adrenaline rush and constant mystery. Not a single dull moment in this 250+ page novel. A long novel I have read after ages I feel.

The pace of the story is fast and consistent. You cant put down the book easily. I was thinking of the motive for the assassination all the while I couldn't pick up the book due to never-ending life tasks. Arghh.

I hope to not give out spoilers. Crossing fingers. You need to read it fast, coz I want to discuss the plot with someone. Comment your review too.

The language is simple and good. The research gone into security protocols, army life, detective skills, cult following, psyche of a madman seeking revenge, life of multi millionaires, family name etc was thorough. I learnt a few things, I can say from all this.

The characters are so well fleshed out. One moment you are irritated with Vikram's smoking habit then you adore Nikhil for the name Xena and hitting on Esha, feel disgusted while reading about Jindal or Koel or Negi and then you try to imagine Sara's life.

The description of places, situation, people is very well worded. I was constantly mentally on guard like Esha while reading. Always waiting for something to happen that will unravel this mystery further.

What I wanted more:
I wish Mrs. Seth Sr.'s story was elaborated a little more. I wasnt satisfied with her telling Vikram not to be judgmental about her. More details please.
I want to know how Esha handles life as an in-house Bodyguard to Vikram ;)

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