Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Book Review: The Doppelganger by Ruchira Khanna

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A new book from Author Ruchira Khanna: The Doppelganger. Know more about the book at: Spotlight: The Doppelganger by Ruchira Khanna

This book is a multi genre one. A small 35 pages book and I read it in one shot. The Doppelganger by Ruchira Khanna is a story which takes place on many planes/dimensions. Metaphysical Romance with a twist.

 Book: The Doppelganger by Ruchira Khanna

Sandra has recently lost her husband. She and her son Liam are still coping with the loss. He was a good husband and a stay-at-home dad. They had a pet dog.  Liam is heartbroken as he has also lost his dog too. Sandra is trying to keep her job and as a single parent has to keep Liam in day care.
Liam has grown quiet and is always in his room with locked doors. He escapes various accidents miraculously. Sandra worries about his lack of friends.
But one day she discovers Liam is onto something mysterious. In the attempt to reach him she meets her husbands look-alike but from another dimension.
Looking at him, Liam and Sandra's heart fill with hope. Can this Doppelganger be the perfect dad for Liam and fill the shoes as Sandra's husband? Can life become simple again? Buy the book to find out.

What I liked:
The language is super simple. The story flows consistently.

The story got me thinking of the various possibilities. It is spiritual + scientific. You will have to read it to believe it.

I dont want to give out spoilers. Leave your brain aside and read till the end. It will leave you gasping in surprise.

I liked that the author showed that life is never easy. The story showed both sides of the situation.

There are few characters in the book. I liked how the innocence of children is used as a motive to carry the story forward. I would have liked if the mother character was a little stronger.

What I wanted more:
The narration is very simple or bland. The story could have been bigger and a little more complex.

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