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Book Review: Soul Song by Geeta Nair

Greetings Book lovers,

 Book: Soul Song by Geeta Nair

Please welcome Geeta Nair . I have know Geeta for her perfect Book reviews and all the short story competitions she wins all the time. Touch wood to that. So it was no surprise when she published her Debut Short Story Book: Soul Song. It is indeed a short story which pulls at your soul.
This review is long pending. Every time I think of writing it, I read the book. Must have read 4-5 times by now ;)

I wish Geeta would write more books or short story collections. Waiting for it. Till then lets get to know more about : Soul Song - A Short Story by Geeta Nair.

 Book: Soul Song by Geeta Nair


A short story of 11 pages. Rashid a blind man decides to help a young boy by collecting money for his treatment. He heard the boy's mother crying when travelling by the same bus. He doesnt know the mother nor the young boy. He himself has to earn his two meals each day.

How will Rashid help? How much money can he collect for the young boy? Why does he need to do it?
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What I liked:

11 pages of simple words and emotions. A short story but so well plotted. It makes visualizing Rashid, his daily life, his mission to help the boy, the determination etc very easy.

Geeta Nair has a flair to keep the pace of the story steady but give you a big story in few pages.
The language is good and I like the simple words she uses to paint the story.

The story has lot of Morales to learn. It gives out many lessons in humanity and human nature.
The determination, never say die spirit, humility, humbleness, empathy and believing in oneself. Good virtues to imbibe are subtly added in the story.

The concept of: What you ask for, will be delivered forms the base of the story.

This book is suitable for all ages. It should be read out to kids. I am going to read it out to mine.

What I wanted more:

Geeta Nair, please collect all your award winning stories and publish them in sets of books. I am sure many readers will love to read each. All the best. Please keep writing.

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Do buy a copy, read and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you in advance.

Bye. Take care.

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