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Book Review: Vikram Rana Investigates by Sharmishtha Shenoy

Good day people !

I am still thinking about Case 2 of Vikram Rana Investigates even after finishing the book a week back. Sharmishtha Shenoy you have taken me back to Agatha Christie, Famous five, Alfred Hitchcock days of school time.

Curious? Know about the book: Book Blitz: Vikram Rana Investigates by Sharmishtha Shenoy
and the Authors opinion about Guest Post: Self-Publishing a Murder Mystery debut book. How difficult was it? to Sharmishtha Shenoy

The Book is about Vikram Rana, an untainted ex-cop, who quit the police force and has started his own investigation firm. He is very well connected with the police force, observes minutest details, quick thinker and executor with a dry sense of humor which is very well known. You can call him a hunk with an addiction for chai and could be a player(if his wife would loosen her leash on him :D )

The book covers 2cases:
The Mysterious Affair of the Lohia Mansion
The Sonia Sinha Case

What I liked:
The cases and their portrayal is pretty good and mysterious. Also the characters are well sketched out.

Description of Hyderabad and locations has been very nicely integrated in the story.

The language is simple and the story good paced. You can read it in one sitting.

Both the stories can be independently read.

The twists are properly timed. Each time you think you found the culprit, the story becomes more complex. Keeps you scratching your head.

Loved the way the food is described in the novel. I have to try Bamboo rice next time I go to a Chinese restaurant :)

Vikram, is a typical guy when it comes to food, staying healthy or straying eyes :D

What I wanted more:
Refinement to the language or more editing. Its Sharmishtha's first book so we will excuse her :)

Some love scenes between Vikram and his wife. Haha sorry guess reading too many romance novels. Every time Vikram and his wife Veena were introduced my hyper-active brain would wait for something to happen :D ;)

More books about Vikram Rana and his cases, Sharmishtha please !

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Let us know your review about this book. We will let you know if Sharmistha spins us another detective novel ;)

Bye. Take care.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Book Blitz: Destiny Decides by PG Van

Hello people !
You like Hot Romance ? Well The Book Club has issued a friendly warning for Book Tour: Destiny Decides by PG Van
Advice taken, but we have signed up to review it and have completed a few chapters already ;)

DESTINY DECIDES... A tale of two hearts in search of true love

Here is the WARNING !


Sameera lives a simple and fun life that she has structured with utmost care ensuring that she was focused on work and also keeps in touch with the classical dancer in her. Sameera has endured tough times in her life at a young age and wonders if she could ever hang on to anything that makes her life perfect.

Nick is a successful businessman who went to high school with Sameera, back when they lived in India. He re-enters her life taking her by surprise and in no time expresses his love for her. He wins her heart with his enigmatic but sweet gestures. He convinces her to move in with him.  Nick gives her the confidence and support that she needs to overcome her doubts.

Sameera starts to feel like Nick is the secret to happiness, she finds out that there is a search underway for her. Nick tells her that an Indian royal family is trying to locate her family. Fully convinced that it was a misunderstanding she ignores Nick’s warnings about the people that were searching for her and travels to India for a family emergency.

A member of the Royal Family that has been searching for her, meets Sameera as soon as she reaches India. Nick follows her to India a short while later and asks her to marry him to which she agrees whole-heartedly. The story ends on a happy note but with an open question around why Nick’s extended family in India is looking for Sameera’s family.

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Excerpt from #DestinyDecides

I was running through this list in my mind when I heard a very soft knock behind me. I turned around and found Nick standing in the doorway in a dark gray suit and his seductive smile on his face.
Not caring about what I had in my hand, I let it drop to the floor and ran into Nick’s arms. His tight hold and the sweet masculine smell were proof that I was not hallucinating.
“Nick,” I said finding my voice and added, “When did you get here?”
He gently put his arms around me and said, “I got here when you were just about to wrap up your lovely dance,” and added, “I am still wondering how you can move your waist so gracefully.”
Nick brushed his lips against my sweaty temple and let out a heavy breath. This simple gesture kick started my heart to a heart rate no amount of workout would give me. Nick moved his arm down my back to the waistband of my capris and expecting him to sneak his fingers in to find my waist chain, I pulled back slightly and said, “Give me fifteen minutes to shower and change,” and asked, “Where are we going for dinner?”
Nick smiled at me and said, “Where we are headed, you are better off not changing now.”
I looked at him suspiciously and asked, “What does that mean?”
“Why don’t you grab your stuff, and I will tell you on our way there,” he teased as I put on my sleeveless vest over my sports bra.
As Nick walked towards the parking lot, I went to the locker to grab my bags and went back into the parking lot to find him standing next to my car. I dished out my keys from my bag, and as I approached him with my car keys in my hand, in a swift move, he grabbed the keys out of my hand and said smiling, “You will not need your car tonight.” As I looked at him in utter confusion, I saw him wave to someone and in the next instance, I saw Mitch, the limo driver, emerge from the darkness and catch my car keys that Nick had tossed to him.
“Mitch, you know where the car needs to go?” Nick asked him, and Mitch replied, “I got it, Nick.”
“Nick, what’s going on?” I asked annoyed with his action.
“We can go in my car, and Mitch will give your car keys to Nethra after he drops it off at your place,” Nick clarified.
“Nate is at home? How do you know that?” I inquired.
“I know because she came to meet Srini at the airport, and they were headed to your place,” he said thoroughly enjoying himself looking at my expression.
Nick signaled to Mitch to give him his car keys and as Mitch tossed the keys, I reached for them and grabbed them mid-air before Nick could get them.
Mitch looked at Nick apologetically, to which Nick said, “No worries, Mitch,” and smiled at me.
“So, will you be driving us to our destination?” he asked, his tone filled with joy.
“Yes, I most definitely can,” I said looking at the keys and realizing that what I had in my hand was a key fob for a Porsche, and the fob was designed to look like a little Porsche car.
“This key fob is so cute, and this is not the car I thought you were driving,” I said confused.
“The Rover is to take my mom around as she refuses to ride in my Porsche,” he said smiling.
I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat as I wondered if I should really drive his car. I saw Nick look at me with a wicked smile on his face. Refusing to chicken out, I held my chin high and said, “Let’s go.” I heard him chuckle behind me as if he knew I was terrified to drive his mean machine to an unknown destination. With a high sense of pride, I clicked the unlock button on the key fob. The car was a few cars away and was a midnight blue Porsche Carrera 911 and looked super sexy in the night lights.
I walked around to the driver’s side and in the dim lights on the inside I saw the sight that made my heart sink. This model was one of the very few cars in its class that still offered a stick shift, and this model pacified the stick shift driving enthusiasts with the seven-speed transmission. I hesitated for a few seconds debating if I should take the risk of driving the car. Nick was observing my reactions to the things that I have been discovering and asked in a soft voice, “Having second thoughts, love?”
“No,” I blurted out with immense pride and opened the door to put my bags in the back seat gracefully sliding into the low slung, deep-pocketed driver’s seat. Nick took off his suit jacket and put it in the back seat. He undid a couple of buttons on his shirt and kicked back into the passenger seat.
Nick looked at me as I sat in silence looking around the interior of the car in awe and very softly said, “Ignition to your left, key fob in there, and I suppose you are familiar with the third pedal down there?”
“Nick, I can’t do this. I just wanted to show you how annoyed I was when you took my keys,” I confessed putting my face in my palms.
‘Sameera, you can do this. I know you learned how to drive a stick shift back in India,” he encouraged.
“Nick, that was ages ago, and this is such a nice car and I am so intimidated by the power of this beauty,” I said my voice trembling.

“Sameera, don’t worry about the car. I know you love fast bikes and cars so enjoy the drive.” 

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About the author

P.G. Van

P.G. Van lives in San Francisco and she published her first novel, Destiny Decides… in October 2015 and cannot stop writing. She loves to spend time with family and is a strong believer of retail therapy (mostly shops for boots and purses!!). She enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance.

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Keep a lookout for the Review :)

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Blitz: His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

Good day Romance BookLovers,
The Indian Mills & Boon Queen Sundari Venkatraman presents her Book #2: His Drunken Wife in Marriages Made in India series. The Book title & Cover sparks interest doesnt it ?
Trust me, Book #1 was verrry verrry hot, good, .... So this is going to be fun ;)

Marriages Made in India
Book #2

Sundari Venkatraman


The badass Shikha is startled when the nerdy Abhimanyu proposes marriage. She loves... herself, and Abhimanyu doesn't figure on her list anywhere. For Abhimanyu, however, it was love at first sight when Shikha walked into RS Software, where the two of them work.

When Abhimanyu shows her that he just might be rich enough for her, a pleasantly surprised Shikha accepts his marriage proposal and moves into his swanky apartment.

But it looks like the love is all from only Abhi’s side as Shikha continues to drink herself crazy. Yeah, even at their wedding party.

And then Abhi sets out on a honeymoon to Thailand with His Drunken Wife...

*MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA is a five-novella series that revolves around the characters you have met in The Runaway Bridegroom.
Grab your copy @

About the author

Sundari Venkatraman
His Drunken Wife
is the ninth book authored by Sundari Venkatraman. This is a hot romance and is Book #2 of the 5-novella series titled Marriages Made in India; Book #1 being The Smitten Husband. Other published novels by the author are The Malhotra Bride, Meghna, The Runaway Bridegroom, The Madras Affair and An Autograph for Anjali—all romances. She also has a collection of romantic short stories called Matches Made in Heaven; and a collection of human interest stories called Tales of Sunshine. All of Sundari Venkatraman’s books are on Amazon Top 100 Bestsellers in India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia under both #romance & #drama categories.

Other books by the author

 Books by Sundari Venkatraman

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Our posts for Sundari's books:
Book Review: An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Review: The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Blitz: Tales of Sunshine by Sundari Venkatraman
Cover Reveal: Matches made in Heaven by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Review: The Runaway Bridegroom by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Review: Meghna by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Review: The Malhotra Bride by Sundari Venkatraman
Book Review: Double Jeopardy by Sundari Venkatraman

Get the Book now ! Send us your Reviews. We can share notes ;)

Bye. Take care.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Guest Post: Self-Publishing a Murder Mystery debut book. How difficult was it? to Sharmishtha Shenoy

Greetings BookLovers,
A Detective novel's author graces our blog today. Lets get to know Sharmishtha Shenoy's view about publishing her 1st book.
Check out the book at: Book Blitz: Vikram Rana Investigates by Sharmishtha Shenoy

Q: Self-Publishing a Murder Mystery debut book. How difficult was it?
A: I never took the traditional publishing route. In fact when I started writing, I never thought about publishing it. As cliché as it sounds, I was truly writing as a form of self-expression.

When I asked a few friends to read the finished novellas they liked it so well that I thought that I will self-publish in Amazon. The entire process was an experiment. Now the second novel is a lot more difficult to write as I am aware that various people would read the book and some level of expectations have been bench marked from the first book.

Having said that self publishing is not easy. It is like a business where you need a lot of initial investment to sale your product. For example some one may make a phone better than an apple phone. But I will still not buy it as it is not a tried and tested product.
  1. No body wants to buy a unknown author. Stimulating sales is not easy.
  2. Earnings after spending money on printing publicity etc is minimal
  3. Designing a cover is not easy. Finding a good designer is tough.
  4. Getting a good editor is not at all easy.
  5. Many people are out to con you. For example, a person who charged me to proofread, did absolutely nothing and gave the manuscript a clean certificate.

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Come back for the Review soon.
Bye. Take care. Happy reading !

Friday, August 19, 2016

Guest Post: So is Narayan Rao the Vishnu in real life? to Karthik KB Rao

Good day People!
Remember we introduced  Book Blitz: The Mahabharata Code by Karthik KB Rao
Here is our Guest Post question to Author: Karthik KB Rao

Q: So is Narayan Rao the Vishnu in real life? Do you relate each of these characters in real life to people you know?

A: Being born in a Vaishnava family I had been made to believe since my childhood days that this Prapancha(universe) is Narayana’s(Vishnu) Srishti(creation) . The two central characters in my book incidentally are Narayan Rao(NR) and Srishti. Having said that, the character NR is mostly based on me and Srishti mostly on my wife Sushma (and partly me!)  Like NR in my book, I spent my early childhood completely obsessed with the Mahabharata thanks to my grandmother’s narration of the great epic every night at a young impressionable age and even got to validate her narration every Sunday on doordarshan when BR chopra’s Mahabharata which was also airing at the same time. Later in my life I went through a phase where I became an atheist and was also exposed to various material from outside world thanks to internet, books and television which included books like Chariots of God, tv series like Ancient Aliens etc. Finally I ended up being a software engineer and I have also borrowed some of the concepts and practises used in this industry. All this has contributed in developing characters of NR and Srishti.

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Book Blitz: The Mahabharata Code by Karthik KB Rao

Greetings Everyone!
Getting you piles of new books arent we ? ;)
Here is a totally different story line. Read below to know more:



"The Mahabharata Code is a personal account of the main protagonist Narayan Rao (NR), who claims to be an astronomer with NASA. NR and a few other crew members agree to take part in the NASA mission to visit this mystery planet from which they had received mysterious signals. Here, they meet a man with a long flowing white beard, and he introduces himself as Vyasa. He reveals that he has a crazy plan in mind and seeks NR and his members’ help in implementing this plan. He intends to recreate the entire Mahabharata on this planet to restore the faith of the primitive simpletons here. 

As the Mahabharata incidents start unfolding, NR realizes that Vyasa intends to recreate them page by page here, if not paragraph by paragraph. Also NR begins to realize that his son, Krishna, who is being groomed by Vyasa as Vishnu’s avatar, is nothing more than a pawn in Vyasa's scheme of things. Other incidents of Mahabharata also unfold according to the original epic. Pandavas and Kauravas grow up hating each other and finally the restaging plan culminates with both the warring sets of cousins facing each other in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. 

Inexplicably, like the original epic, Arjuna develops cold feet seeing his own cousins, teachers and relatives on the opposite side. He seeks Krishna’s divine intervention. Is the brainwashed “alien” Krishna prepared for this intervention?"

Grab  your copy @ | | |
Notion Press | Flipkart

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About the author

Karthik K.B. Rao

Karthik Rao is a 32-year-old software professional based in Bangalore. He lives with his wife Sushma, parents and two little sons Kaustubh Krishna and Raghav Krishna aged 4 and 1, respectively. He says, he gets to meditate close to 3 hours every day on his bike thanks to the notorious Bangalore traffic. His hobbies include following cricket, Indian politics on the social media and Indian mythology. He also plays plastic ball cricket with his sons.

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Something different isnt it? :) Go Buy the book now !
Bye. Take care.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Blitz: Vikram Rana Investigates by Sharmishtha Shenoy

Good day everyone !
New book and Author on the block in the Thriller & Mystery genre. I am super excited to read this one. Lets collect some clues, read on ;)



Vikram Rana Murder Mysteries set in Hyderabad…… 

The Mysterious Affair of the Lohia Mansion 

When the glamourous socialite Richa Lohia is poisoned in her mansion in Jubilee Hills, her brother-in-law hires his mate, ex-cop Vikram Rana, to solve this murder. This is Vikram’s first case and he, along with Inspector Gopi Reddy, must solve the case even if they face opposition from the richest and powerful family in Hyderabad, who would stop at nothing to defend themselves. 

The Sonia Sinha Case 

When property developer Krishna Dhavala is stabbed to death in Necklace Road, everyone suspects Mrs. Dhavala to be the murderer of her alcoholic and abusive husband. But is that really the case? Vikram Rana and Inspector Reddy have a tough time uncovering the murderer and Vikram himself almost dies trying to solve this case. Experience the mystery along with the duo as they fight their way through the maze of lies, deceit and greed. 

Read an excerpt...

From "The Mysterious Affair of the Lohia Mansion"
"Kinshuk sprang out of bed and followed his uncle, Rohan along the passage to his mother Richa’s bedroom.
Rohan’s wife, Kiara joined them along with Richa’s personal maid Lakshmi and two more servants. Everyone seemed to be in a state of awestricken fear.
Kinshuk turned to his uncle, ‘What should we do? Father is not here.’
Never had Kinshuk’s weak nature been more apparent, Rohan thought in distaste. Rohan rattled the handle of his sister-in-law Richa’s door violently, but with no effect. The whole household was aroused by now. The most alarming sounds were audible from the interior of the locked bedroom. Clearly something must be done."
What could have been going on the room? What triggered it?
Mrs Lohia was lying in her bed having seizures. In her agony she must have overturned the bedside table. As they entered, her limbs relaxed and she fell back on her pillow.
"I cannot see properly" she complained. Rohan and Kinshuk looked at each other helplessly. A strangled cry from the bed startled them. A fresh bout of pain had seized Richa. The seizures were terrible to behold. At that moment dr Agnihotri pushed his way into the room authoritatively. At the same instant, Richa cried "Rohan.... Rohan" then she fell back on the pillows motionless. 
Why was Richa killed? Why did she take Rohan's name?
From the Sonia Sinha case:
"He reached the meeting place at 8 pm sharp. The headlights of his car revealed a woman in a burqa waiting by the roadside. She waved her hand. Krishna stopped the car and she got in. As she removed her veil, Krishna started in surprise. At the same time another man got into the back of his car. Confused, Krishna looked at the man. Then his eyes widened in fear."
Whom did Krishna see? Who was the woman in burqa?

Grab your copy @

About the author

Sharmishtha Shenoy

Sharmishtha Shenoy loves writing murder mysteries, the kind of books that she herself likes to read. Her favorite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. She also likes the work of Satyajit Ray – especially the Feluda Series. She was born in Calcutta and has done her post-graduation from University of Reading, Great Britain. She lives in Hyderabad.

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Isnt it intriguing ? Stay tuned for Review !
Till then Bye. Take care.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Guest Post: Not the usual Boy meets Girl romance,How did you research for it? to Paromita Goswami

Good day People !
Presenting Guest Post for Paromita and her debut novel: Shamsuddin's Grave.

Read about the book:
Book Blitz: Shamsuddin's Grave by Paromita Goswami

Q: Not the usual Boy meets Girl romance, this story must have taken a lot of research to show the traditions, the social ladder and its effects,... How did you research for it? Also how much time did you take to write the entire story? :)

A: Hey, Nilima thank you so much for this opportunity.
You are so much correct in saying that this book is not the usual boy meets girl romance although there is a tinge of romance too in the book, however, in a very different manner.
Honestly, this book needed a lot of research as it is based on facts and figures than fiction and as an author, I didn’t want that to be compromised in any way. Thankfully I got the help from the eminent organizations and natives in a big way to help me gather information about the traditions and rituals practiced by the people. Social ladder is another aspect that is more or less same in almost all the parts of India.
Refugees, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have always been one of the major crises of this part of the country and there are several organizations that are working towards this issue. However, without adequate help from the government, it is not possible to eradicate it. I was born and spent my growing years in this part of the country which helped me understand the situation better and also helped me in writing my book.
A small article in the Times of India about urbanization triggered the idea of the story. That was way back in 2010. I didn’t give much thought to it and kept it aside. But then the idea didn’t let me sleep for many months. Finally, I started to develop the plot and researched for the facts that took me a year more to eventually complete my manuscript.

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Bye. Take care.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cover Reveal : Second Chance at Forever by Summerita Rhayne

Good day people !
Here is the Latest Book by Summerita Rhayne and its Cover Reveal.... Go Right till the end ;)



What happens when the terrible twos come in threes? 
Stuti loves being a mother to her triplets, but it can be a harrowing routine. She's even more submerged in the craziness when she takes them and her mom-in-law for a trip to Rajasthan, the land of the erstwhile Thar desert royals and their palaces. After the passing away of her husband, she feels she owes it to her mil to take her to her favourite holiday. In the Amber Palace, her reckless toddler rushes onto a modelling shoot. As she picks up her daughter who has tripped over a gorgeous zardozi sari, her gaze clashes with that of the man she'd hoped never to set eyes on again in her life. 

A passion that threatens to set fire to more than just her senses 
Revath was everything she wanted in a man, but six years ago he chose to walk away from her. Now he wants to be back in her life. When she knows he doesn't want the same things in life that she does, would she be wise to let anything rekindle between them? Is it already too late for rethinks? 

Desire that has to be denied 
Revath knew the moment he met Stuti again that he couldn't just let her go. But Stuti is absolutely the wrong woman for him. It was proved six years ago when they chose diametrically opposite ways for themselves. He doesn't believe in forever, so what's he doing asking her for a second chance? 

Can three little miracles be a barrier to two people finding love?

     Pre-order your copy here: 

About the author

Summerita Rhayne writes contemporary and historical romance with lots of emotional conflict. She first got published in 2013 and has won contests with prestigious publishers such as Harlequin and Harper Collins India. Her pet belief is, if the inspiration is strong enough, the story characters will find a way to make the writer pen them down, even when writing time is in short supply. When cerebrally confronted with the sizzling interaction of two Alpha characters, the only way to get peace is write their book!

At heart, she's a family person and even though she loves her medical teaching profession, she happily becomes a homemaker when not at work. She loves winding down with music, romcoms, cricket (strictly watching only) and social networking. 

You can stalk her @


Are you ready???


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Cute isnt it... The cover I mean ;)
Bye. Take care.