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Book Review: Gobsmacked by Sundari Venkatraman

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Gobsmacked (Book 2: The Groom Series) by Sundari Venkatraman

Another bestseller from Publishing house: Flaming Sun and by Author: Sundari Venkatraman.
This is her 46 th book. Gobsmacked is Book 2 in The Groom Series. 
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This story will actually Gobsmack you. 
It has all the elements I love.
Spirited Female Protagonist, a Supportive Partner, Following one's Dreams, good mushy love & love scenes ;), obstacles, some twists and turns.
Read the below review and tell me if you agree with me :D
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This is story of Radhika and Amit Sharma. They meet when Amit and his friend Ameya orchestra a Groomnapping so that Ameya can marry Surekha. Surekha and Radhika are sisters whose father is a poor carpenter in Bihar where dowry system is hugely prevalent. 
Amit knows its love at first sight when he sets eyes on Radhika. He pursues her and proposes to her. They have a long distance love relationship for 5 years with him in Mumbai and Radhika in Bihar.
They get married and are a happy husband and wife in Delhi. The Mother-in-law is dead against the marriage since she considers Radhika a village idiot who is unfit to be her sophisticated son's wife. She leaves no stone un-turned in showing her dislike to Radhika. But she is smart enough to not let Amit know about this. Radhika too keeps mum. She doesn't want to agitate her husband who works hard and long hours.
After two years, Amit comes home to find a two line note from Radhika stating They should not be together and she is leaving. Radhika waits for her husband to come and get her. But Amit is too upset by the turn of events and stews in anger. Both live an estranged husband wife life for 22 months.
Will they ever get back together? How can two people in so much love just go separate ways? What was the cause of this? Will the mother-in-law live in peace now?

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What I liked:

This story will actually Gobsmack you.
It features a spirited female protagonist, Radhika who is the true 21st century Woman. She did not give excuses or retaliate but picked herself up and made her dream come true. No mopping around and waiting for her Mr. Perfect to come rescue her.

 Mr. Perfect or Amit Sharma, on the other hand did not impress me much. First half I wanted to knock him out with a bat. How can you not see what's happening right under your nose? Wait for 22 months? I can throw at him all the bad words I know. Second half he did some corrective measures so I will let him off.

The characters are few but all played their part well. Shanti or Devil in law was perfect & real. I also wanted to shake up the Father in law. How retired can you be? Like father like son? Sister of Radhika was perfect & so was her husband.

I wanted Radhika's Parents to do something but again it's a 21st century novel where Parents let the children live their lives.

I'm getting all emotional because I could see all these characters in front of me.

What is a romance novel without love scenes, right? This one is advanced level. Go figure : D Sundari, my husband is going to be cross with you soon. He needs his sleep. My late night reading your books disturbs him ;)

The language is good & simple. I wanted the story to go faster but the flow is consistent.
Thumps up for adding a social cause message to the story, Sundari. Nicely & briefly described how Radhika walked the talk & made her vision into a reality.

I loved how you showed her enriching & upgrading herself step by step & not stopping. I wanted to lectures her for bearing the abuse for almost 2 years. But she had her reasons.

Also this can be seen in real life too. I wish ladies do take this story as an example & make their own lives happy. Build your tribe. Women can help more Women become stronger & create wonders.

What I wanted more:

Same points I mentioned above. 22 months is a long time to cool off and try to sort your life.
What were both sides of parents doing?
What were these two love birds doing for 22 months, after being in a relationship for five years before marriage and two after marriage?
Now waiting for Book 3. ;)

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  1. Whoa! That's a wonderful and detailed review, Nilima. Thank you so much. I am glad you loved the story. I can understand your anger with Amit regarding the 22-month break. But then, that's the reality of life, right? It happens ;) And well, Radhika needed that time to find her calling, or rather to remember the calling she had forgotten :D Thank you so much

    1. Thank you Sundari for the comment and replying. Yes. I can understand. It happens in real life too. Also true, that was Universe's way too so that Radhika could go back to her calling.
      You add real life layers to your characters ;)

      Waiting for Book 3 of the Series. All the best. Keep writing.

  2. Awesome Review Nilima Mohite! Sundari Ma'am, after reading Nilima Mohite's review about your book - Godsmacked, I am quite eager to read it. Happy Reading! Happy Writing!

    1. Yay ! Thank you Jinal for the compliment and comment. Yes, its a really good book. Im reading Book 3 of the Series and im loving the sequence. Share your review with me after reading the book.

    2. Thank you Jinal. Yes, Nilima is an excellent reviewer, weighing both the pros and cons of a book. You must read this book. And I would love to know what you think. Please leave a feedback on Amazon if it's not too much trouble