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Book Review: Love.exe by Manju Nambiar

Good day Book Lovers !
I am feeling super happy. Even you would, after you finish reading a Warm, fuzzy feeling kind of Romance novel. I finished reading Love.exe yesterday night at 4 am. Since then I am feeling super bubbly.
Good Romance novel gives you that Cloud Nine feelings, right? 
There are so many good things in the book, I am sure I will miss some of it.

Buy a copy and try to find some more ;)

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Read my review about the book below.


Nitya Balakrishnan is an intelligent and only daughter of her parents in Kerala. She has got accepted in the prestigious Stanford University and she is happy to start living the life of her dreams. But destiny has other plans. She is engaged and to be married to Ganpathy who lives in USA. But its not so easy. She departs from India with a broken engagement and parents worried about their little girl with a broken heart. 
She works hard, earns her degree and gets her dream job. But again Cupid has a different plan. It seems this technological geek girl Nitya who has set her heart to work on her career is soon going to get Love.exe installed in her life. She resists firsts. But when she wants to click 'Next' in the Installation process, there needs to be various upgrades and compatibilities tests.

Who is the lucky guy or girl in Nitya's life? What about her career and her life? 
Is the installation of Love.exe successful?

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What I liked:

Like I said, There are so many good things in the book, I am sure I will miss some of it. 

Firstly, this is the Second book by Manju Nambiar that I am reading. She has a knack for taking you along with her on the journey on her pages. Throughout the book I felt like my Little sister's or my best friend's story unfolds before me. I could connect to Nitya and her life. I adored Nitya a lot and then Ganapathy too. As Author Manju Nambiar mentions in Note from the Author, all the characters in this book have become part of my life too.

The behavioral traits for each character was flawless. Nitya's mom was a typical Indian mom, the grandma and aunties too. The father who seldom talks but dotes on his daughter. The mother-in-law who is pulled between traditions and her own love for the kids. The Groom who acts cool but is as perplexed as the bride or doubly so. The friends who know you better than yourself and can drive sense into your brain when it shuts down. 

Nitya is an intelligent girl, hard working and pretty too. I loved her geeky side and loved how she used the algorithms or logic method to solve problems. Pat yourself on the back, Manju. You got me ROFL with the code to confront Ganpathy. I also loved the way Balu explained, how do you know you are in Love. Fantastic analogy and you expertly weaved it into the story too.  Software engineers are going to be proud of you and love this book more :)

Ganpathy, I started falling for him too ;) in the second half of the book when he actually started showing his true self. This guy is a keeper, Nitya I wanted to shake her. My guy has dimples too, so you know why ;)

I relived my courtship period through Nitya. The episodes and incidents were very real and relatable. It made one feel like being in Love. All over again. Thank you Manju for that nostalgic trip. 

The finale and the Drama at the end was totally unexpected and had me laughing loudly at 3:30 am.

I loved the way the Kerala household and their lives are shown. Nitya and her mind's antics are hilarious. No wonder her mom could predict it before and warn her with her glares :D

The journey and hardships of studying, preparing for a foreign country, reaching there, adjusting to the new life, trying to ace the studies and earn your degree along with battling homesickness, loneliness and fear were very well sketched out. I had goosebumps many a times and felt like a protective older sister walking behind Nitya at each step.

The language is so good. The story so well written but long. There was a lull in the story when she is in her second semester but it picked up with a bang once she got the job. Hats off to the home team which comprises of Manju Nambiar's parents, relatives, friends who worked with her to get the book to beautifully cover so many details expertly.

The snippets of life advice and psychology made me gasp towards the 3/4th of the book. Each one was superb. The perils of Social media, true strength of a women is the group of women who support her selflesslessly. 

The true strength of a woman lies in the company of other women who selflessly support, encourage and promote her.
(Page 305). 

I also loved the Trivia section and the methodical way of explaining Tatvamasi. Bowing down to this wisdom.  True Self  love explained beautifully.

The description of each place is vivid. Even in her first book: The Money lender, Author Manju Nambiar transports you to each of the locations. In this book you travel to Nitya's grandma's house, then her room, the Standford university, Yahoo office, Napa Valley, Texas, Ganpathy's little hike.
I also liked how information about various places or topics is quietly added without making it theoretical. 

Full marks to expert Story telling Manju Nambiar. I am going to recommend this book to all my friends and especially Software engineers I know :D

What I wanted more:

Everything was perfect. 
More books from Manju Nambiar ;) that is for sure. 

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Bye. Take care.

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