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Spotlight: Sweet T and the Turtle Team by Cat Michaels

Greetings Book Lovers,
Thanks to BeachBoundBooks I am now into reading some lovely children's books by some amazing authors. This is another one by Author Cat Michaels.
I loved the gutsy Tara or Sweet T and her mission to save the baby sea turtles. Hope to read this one soon :)

BeachBoundBooks is pleased to be coordinating a Blog Tour for the beautiful children's book written by Cat Michaels and Illustrated by Irene A. Johns, Sweet T and the Turtle Team. The tour will run from July 12 - August 9, 2017.

 About the Book


Title:  Sweet T and the Turtle Team
Author:  Cat Michaels
Illustrator: Irene A. Jahns
Publication Date: July 2017
Publisher: 2101 Ink
Number of Pages: 72
Recommended Ages: 6 to 11

Summary: It’s nesting season for loggerhead sea turtles on North Carolina's Gull Island. Nine-year old Tara (or Sweet T as her family sometimes calls her) is determined to see hatchlings make it safely from their nests to their ocean home.Summering on Gull Island with Great Aunt Mae could be tons of fun, but T is having a hard time making new friends with island children, let alone finding kids to help her monitor a sea turtle nest.There’s little sister Jenna, but Jenna is, well, little.  Fuzzy is around, too, but Jenna’s blue stuffy rabbit gets lost all the time.  Besides,a toy bunny can’t help protect turtle nests. Tara befriends Billy, a moody island child.  He teaches her skimboarding and shows her the best shelling spots. But Billy stomps away when she asks him to read the “Turtle Team Guide” and join her in saving baby sea turtles. What’s up with Billy?  He’s nice one minute and grumpy the next.  And why does he refuse to join T’s Turtle Team?  T can't figure him out. A tropical storm threatens Gull Island just as the sea turtle nest is ready to hatch. T must abandon the nest and prepare for bad weather.
  • Will Sweet T and her friends keep safe from the storm?
  • Will the sea turtle nest survive angry ocean waves?
  • Will Billy reveal his secret?
Dive into adventure, fun and secrets on Gull Island with“Sweet T and the Turtle Team”to find out! “Sweet T and the Turtle Team” is the third book of the Sweet T Tales Series of chapter books for early and reluctant readers by Cat Michaels, MS., Ed.  With a glossary, comprehension quiz, sea turtle hatch photo gallery, and discussion questions, “Turtle Team” delivers powerful messages about protecting marine life while helping young readers empathize with children who struggle to read.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Book Review: The Money Lender by Manju Nambiar

Good day Book Lovers,
If you love short stories you are in for a treat with Manju Nambiar's debut short story novel: The Money Lender.
I now-a-days love short stories. So when I started reading this book of 5short stories I was surprised and hooked.

The story is told in the first person by the Money Lender of Gulf Town in Kerala. Uncle Scrooge as he is addressed by the residents of the town is a shrewd guy who has wisely got into this profession but is no Villian as they show in movies. He has schemes and plans to take people's money but he never loots them. He infact is a good judge of people and loves to help whenever he can. Each story revolves around how different characters in the town behave and what the Money Lender summarises of these characters and their lives.
You have to read these stories to love The Money Lender and be transported to the calm, serene town called Gulf Town.

What I liked:
For a debut novel Manju Nambiar has done a commendable job of writing in clear, simple language and a steady pace to each story.
There is a freshness in the writing. I didnt find any editing errors. So hats off on that Manju.
I loved the way the small details of the town, the places, people and situations is described. You are transported there in a giffy.
The pace is steady in each story. Nothing extra or missing here. Language is good and simple.
The character of Money Lender and his way of assessing people was a novel concept for me. I thought I might be repelled by his shrewd thinking and looting of people. But this was a pleasant surprise for me.

I hope Manju Nambiar writes more of these stories or tries her hand at a full fledged novel. Wish her all the best.

What I wanted more:
More stories. The book is merely 60 pages but still I took time out to read it slowly and savour it.
A full fledged novel hope is in the making soon Manju Nambiar.

Waiting for more writings from you Manju Nambiar. All the best.

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Book Review: Just me, the Sink & the Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

Good day People !
Sudesna Ghosh's book on body image gives a glimpse into the world of people who are bullied, abused just for the way they look.
Read the blurb of the book: Book Blitz: Just Me, The Sink & The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

This book is like a Memoir by Sudesna Ghosh and reads like a diary.
Pamela is born to an Indian mother and American father. Both the parents are foodies but thin in the real world. Pamela is not. To add more salt to the burn, her sister is beautiful and again thin, who makes it a point to highlight that Pamela is fat, a misfit, will never have a boyfriend, is weird coz she talks to her set of soft toys, etc. Pamela has been the butt of jokes, always left out, advised about eating habits and diets, shown pity or hate, etc since kindergarten. So its not surprising she doesnt have friends, loving family members she can rely on, motivators or role models.
The only encouraging, caring person around her is her Father but again who doesnt think its a big issue. Then there are her soft toys whom she considers her family, celebrates their birthdays, calls them her babies and is very protective of them, who according to her talk to her and like family members encourage, snub, humour her, scold, talk sense and she cant let a day go without talking to them.
She imagines having a normal life, having a thin body, a boyfriend, get married, have sex, do exciting things in life. But everything collects around the thought that she is Fat and the society is partial to Thin girls.

What I liked:
Simple, clear language which gives you a clear view into the life of a girl termed as 'Fat' by the society. It shows how small things, words, acts, feelings, perspective makes deep impressions on a young mind to the extent of destabilizing it.
But the writing is always in a lighter, funny tone. So its not depressing nor sounds as if its venting out but instead enlightening.
The workings of human mind. Shows how continuous visualizing of things make them happen in real life and how they become engraved to become your mental makeup or the glasses through which you see the world. Pamela's continuous thinking that the Thin girls get everything good in life, makes her unable to see the other good things in her life.

What I wanted more:
Guess we are conditioned with Happily-ever-afters so I would have liked to know that Pamela was fully recovered or treated. Thankfully she gets help in the end and hope she comes out as a Beautiful girl with a lovely Soul.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Guest Post: What advice would you give people dealing with body shaming issues or bullies? to Sudesna Ghosh

Good day!
Bullying, Body Shaming, Verbal Abuse now-a-days are #trending topics or discussions.
Why and how to stop them?
We asked Author Sudesna Ghosh of Just Me, The Sink & The Pot:

Q: What advice would you give people dealing with body shaming issues or bullies?

A: People can be mean. Children can be mean to each other and later grow into adults who believe that body shaming is acceptable behaviour. Unfortunately, it is difficult to change old habits so parents and educators need to step in from the beginning. Body shaming and other bullying behaviour can create havoc with a victim’s mind. It can lead to long term negative body image, negative behavioural patterns such as eating disorders, and more. The good news is that Indians are speaking up about the need for better mental health. And while you cannot force somebody to change the way they are acting or thinking, you can train yourself to focus on the positive aspects of your body or your life.
Trained psychotherapists who use the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy process can help you understand, identify and restructure your thought process. In simple language, they can show you how to cope with mean people in a healthy way.
Facing bullies and body shaming can leave you with a lot of negative energy; exercise is a good way to deal with it. Take long walks, join a dance class, engage in physical activity that lets you get out all the frustration on a regular basis.
From my experience, replying to bullies with harsh words or attempting an angry reply never helps your situation. Instead, you end up feeling like you’ve lost a fight. Sometimes it is important to know that a reaction is not needed. You can write down your angry, sad thoughts about the incident and then drown the papers in water and try to let go like that. It gets easier with practice.
And finally, remember that your body belongs to YOU. Nobody has the right to tell you how it should look. If you aim for health and happiness without harming anybody around you, you’re on the right path I think.

Know more about the book at: Book Blitz: Just Me, The Sink & The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spotlight: 150 Brilliant Ideas to keep Young Minds Fit & Fine by Neeraa Maini Srivastav

Greetings People !
I am glad these days we are talking about a lot of issues openly. May it be body shaming or mental health or abuse. All issues need to be discussed, increase awareness about it and maybe find a permanent solution to it.

Here is Author Neeraa's 4th book about 'wellness' for the young minds:


In a world with increasing stress, lifestyle imbalance, new age challenges and health hazards, 'wellness' is the new God everyone's seeking. While adults have infinite choices and options to course-correct paths, the young adults, though have increasing incidences of mental and physical health challenges, have little or almost no aids to holistic health and wellness. With increasing juvenile obesity and depression hitting the teens, there is a dire need to address the same. 

The book is based on addressing just that in a contemporary, light-hearted fashion. Split into 3 sections: Mind, Body and Spirit, the book offers truths in each category that seed the idea of wellness in a fun and engaging way. What better than a ready reckoner for young adults to get by their highly stressful daily lives in a more meaningful, healthier and stimulating manner. A companion of sorts, the book aims at delivering well-being to the troubled young souls. "The reason why this book is close to my heart is because as a Life Skills Coach, I work extensively with teens as well as tweens. Doing so requires an understanding of their Mind, Body, Spirit. This is the area in which this wonderful book serves an important purpose. It offers an integrated, holistic approach to every aspect of young peoples' Wellness issues. Neera is an author whom I admire greatly. 

This exhaustive book is a much- needed compendium of critical information. I have no doubt it will meet huge success." - Ms Neelam Kumar (Life Skills Coach and Author)

Buy the book at:

About the Author:
Neera Maini Srivastav
Storyteller for young adults in India

Carving her niche as the child – adult fiction writer, Neeraa Maini Srivastav is a fiction writer and an advertising professional of Indian origin.
With a vast repertoire of creative projects worldwide in her metier, she drew her inspiration from being around literary greats. Armed with a Masters degree in Literature and a penchant for storytelling, her quest continued with her professional years as a senior creative, both in India and abroad  in reputed agencies like Lintas (now Lowe), Saatchi & Saatchi, Mudra to name a few. The compelling need to cross-breed creativity made her contribute her sensibilities to India's reputed movie production and media houses such as Mukta Arts and The Times of India. 
From building brands to penning mindful features for publications, she straddles both worlds with equal √©lan and has even made a foray into screenwriting for both television and cinema. Neeraa's avid interest in new age spirituality and metaphysics makes her live the adage 'I create, therefore I am'. 
The White Crow marked Neera’s adventurous debut in fictional writing for young adults, making Neera one of the most promising storyteller for young India. The white crow, which has been one of the fictional best sellers for young adults, has the underlying theme of acceptance, inclusion, equality, diversity, tolerance and oneness. Rights to ‘The White Crow’ have been acquired by Podar School for syllabus while she often serves as a Guest speaker at leading public schools and symposia.

As Neera continued her literary Quest she dabbled into creating interesting fictional characters from creating Brand Characters.  The Adventures of the Bubblegum Boy Finally Indian Fiction had stories and super heroes, which were not imported from the west.  One of main USP’s of Neera’s fiction writing is the amalgamation of real world with fantasy and social message. It will make you laugh and enjoy but also will make you ponder on certain important issues which all of us face in our lives.

Neera’s third book is a contemporary fiction, ‘1 Friend Request Sent: From Hanuman’, is a unique piece of modern-day fiction enthused from the worldwide web. A uniquely thrilling and enlightening first time ever encounter between a victim of technology and the supreme power- and all that transpires in between.
Neera’s unparalleled panache and grace in her narrative shines through all her books. Her stories paint a visual landscape with such richness that makes them potent film content. They are great story properties for future animation and TV series.
 Neera has also been actively involved in nurturing young adult imagination. She regularly conducts creative writing workshops for kids and has also been a celebrated guest lecturer at many educational institutes.
Today Neera is gearing up to launch her fourth book that has been eagerly anticipated in the Indian Literary circles and is touted as one of the to-be-watched titles for young adults in 2016.

Connect with Neera at:

Do read the book and let us know its review :)
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Book Blitz: Just Me, The Sink & The Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

Greetings People!
Society and its people have always taken a pleasure in pointing out issues in other people. The issues range from color of skin, the shape of body, size, caste, profession, likes, expertise,... the list is endless.
Sudesna Ghosh retells her story of growing up years when she was termed as a Fat girl and how her self-esteem, mental makeup, relationships... everything was centered around this 'issue'.
Told in simple, entertaining but hard-hitting way, the life of a Fat beautiful Girl.

Read below to know the book and Author:

Sudesna Ghosh


Meet Pamela, an overweight girl who's looking back at her school days. From longing for a Valentine to dealing with a sibling who hates her, Pamela has a lot to deal with. She even has a special bunch of friends at home who she can turn to - but they aren't the kind of friends you'd expect. Life sucks when you're fat. Can Pamela ever be happy?

Read an excerpt of the book here...

One day a classmate asked me, “Where is your lunch?” I told her that I had already had it and went back to my fake laughter and smiles. The others chatted and laughed while they ate from their tiffin boxes. Some brought samosas or ice cream from outside the gate. My hunger pangs got worse as I saw all the food and smelt the delicious odours around me.

The ice cream cart was run by a sweet old man who knew me since I’d started school. He would ask me some days, “Child, you don’t want your favourite orange stick?” I would say no thank you and smile before running away from him and his cart. One day he seemed to be desperate to make me have an ice cream. “Child! Come here and have an ice cream. You don’t have to pay me,” he called out. I smiled, turned around and went to hide in an empty classroom. Two minutes later, I shrieked; the old man had found me. He was carrying a dripping ice cream for me. I started laughing. Then I started running away from him. The old man started running after me!

My classmates were shocked. The sports teacher was happy to see me run for the first time – I had never run before because fat moves when you run. Everybody would laugh. The lunch break ended with me accepting the mostly melted orange stick from the kind ice cream man. We were too tired to talk about the whole event. But it did make me a bit popular that year, with the school Yearbook including the story and a picture of me running away from a 6 feet tall man holding an ice cream.

Grab your copy @ | |

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About the author

Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh is a writer based in Kolkata. She was born in the United States and moved to India when she was 9. After completing high school there, she went back to the US for her higher education at the University of Rochester. She has also penned What Would I Tell Her @ 13 and News Now, along with several short stories. When Sudesna isn’t writing, she tries to do her bit for animal welfare.


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Monday, July 3, 2017

Spotlight: Radius 200 by Veena Nagpal

Good day People !
Introducing Veena Nagpal's 4th novel: Radius 200. We are working towards saving trees, animals, global warming, reusing plastic, solar energy. But do we think of saving the most essential thing we need to survive: Water. Here is a story which grapples with this issue and makes you rethink about this essential commodity along with weaving a love story in it.

Do read below for more details:
Radius 200 by Veena Nagpal
Radius 200 by Veena Nagpal

What if a nuclear powered neighbouring nation was to ‘steal’ an entire river from under our eyes?
What if a top-ranking Indian General was to take a unilateral decision to strike back, thereby triggering a cataclysmic reaction?
What if, in the aftermath of the nuclear attack, India was left with a devastated Exclusion Zone, 200 kilometers in radius?
And what if your love was stranded inside the Exclusion Zone…

Watch the Book Trailer:

Buy the book at:

Author Veena Nagpal
Veena Nagpal
RADIUS 200 is Veena Nagpal’s fourth novel.
The previous novels were The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi (Tara), Karmayogi (Jaico) and Compulsion (Sterling).
She has also written four books for children.
A passionate environmentalist, she has conducted more than five hundred environment workshops for school children in the NCR region.
She loves travelling. “Must have inherited gypsy blood from somewhere,” she laughs. She is also an avid photographer and dabbles in oil painting.
Connect with her on:

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